Accel Certified Embedded System Design Engineer

Accel IT Academy
In Chennai

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Important information

  • Course
  • Chennai
  • 300 hours of class

Important information

Where and when

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Chateau D' Ampa Ground Floor, 37, Nelson Manickam Road, 600029, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

The course Embedded System Design Engineer is a part of Embedded Systems offered by the institute.

Course content:

* C Programming in addition to Data Structure
o C Rudiments, Operators in addition to Expressions Data Input in addition to Output
o Control Statements, Functions in addition to Program Structure
o Arrays
o Pointers
o Preprocessor directives as well as Bit wise operators
o Structures in addition to Unions in addition to STACK Abstract Data Types
o Sorting

* Advanced C
o Memory structural design
o ROM BIOS calls
o Hardware access in the company of BIOS Calls

* C++ Programming Topics

o Introduction to Object Oriented Topics
o Introduction to C++ Programming
o Classes, Objects in addition to Functions
o Constructor in addition to destructor
o Pointers & references
o Polymorphism in addition to Inheritance
o Exceptional Hin addition toling & File I/O

* 8051 Micro controller

o 8051 Architecture
o ALP Topics in addition to Programming ways
o ALP Topics in addition to Programming ways
o 8051 Design in addition to Application
o Serial communication
o Design

* Embedded C

* Bus Stin addition toards

* Project Phase- I

* PIC 16F873 Micro controller
o Introduction to PIC
o Introduction to PIC
o Introduction to PIC
o I/O ports in addition to Timer Module
o Capture/compare/PWM module in addition to ADC
o Asynchronous communication
* ARM LPC 2119/2129
o Introduction to Processor
o Introduction to ARM
o ARM LPC 2119/2129
o Features of ARM LPC 2119/2129
o Serial Communication
o Bus stin addition toards
o LAB programming
* Micro C Os II
o Introduction to RTOS
o RTOS Tools
o Introduction to micro C OS II
o Inter Task communication techniques
o Scheduling
* LINUX Rudiments
o LINUX Rudiments
o Linux Commin addition tos
o VI Editor
o Kernel programming
* RTlinux
o Real-time Topics
o RTlinux Overview
o POSIX thread
o RTAI Task Topics
o Communication
* Project Phase II

Achievements for this centre

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