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...the orientation of their project. Students will work as a team and will be jointly responsible for the planning, conduct and outcome of the project... Learn about: Application Analysis... More

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  • Training
  • New Delhi
  • 3 Months

...Employment opportunity through PINNA GROUP job resource and Performance of the student appraise by the Human Resource Department of the institutes Program Structure... Learn about: Adobe Premiere, Web Designer, Web Page Designing... More

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  • New Delhi

...Memory. Motherboard Architecture. SCSI Devices. Peripheral Devices. ESD IDE Devices. Environmental Issues. High Voltage Equipment. Disposal and Handling... Learn about: ASP training, Application Server, Advanced Programming... More

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  • Certificate
  • New Delhi
  • 12 Months

...Brands, advertising & design elements surround us everywhere. Whether it is an ad on TV or in the newspaper, a website on the Internet or the logo of a TV channel... Learn about: Flash MX, Desktop Publishing, Digital Designing... More

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24x7 Online Access Multimedia Training

...(53 min) Setting Up the Scene for a Golf Animation Motion Tweening along a Path Editing a Motion Tween Path Masking Layers Using the Deco Tool to Create... Learn about: Sound Effects, Adobe Flash, Flash Video... More

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