Advanced Course in Ayurveda and Yoga

Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust
In Coimbatore

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Important information

  • Course
  • Coimbatore
  • Duration:
    6 Months

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
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Ayurvedic Trust Complex P.B. No. 7119, 136 -137, Trichy Road Ramanathapuram, 641045, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

This programme has been designed for real seekers who are very much interested in latest study of Ayurveda &Yoga on the scriptural background. This in detail study is based on real scripture - 'Ashtaanga Hrudayam' in Ayurveda and 'Gheranda Samhitha' in Yoga. The student will also get good practical training in therapeutic methods.

Yearly plan
1st June - 30th Nov. 1st Dec. - 31st May


Theory of Ayurveda
Description of Ayurveda
Ayurveda in link to Vedas & Darshanas
Origin, History & Traditions of Ayurveda
Basic Rules
The study of Dravyaas (Herbs)
Preventive care & Promoting of Health
Ayurveda Dietetics
Ayurveda Physiology, Anatomy & Pathology
Purification thearpy - Poorvakarma (Preparatory therapy), Panchakarma
Therapy (Main Therapy) and Paschaatkarma (Supplementary Therapy)
Kerala Special Therapy
Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy
Trainig to Home remedy
Medicine making
Identifying of some Herbs
Studying of selected classical medicines
Diagnosis & treatment of some diseases
Renovation Therapy - Simple Rasayana method
Virilification Therapy (Vajekarana)

Yoga - Theory

Description of to Yoga - Science and Philosophy
Ashtanga Yoga - Eight limbs
Hathayoga & Rajayoga
Yama & Niyama - Rules & conducts
Kriyas - Six Purification method
Practice & advantages of selected Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras & Bandhas
Spiritual & philosophical aspects
Therapeutic aspects - Modern & Ancient Concepts
Kundalini yoga
Yogic Dietetics

Ayurveda - Practical
Swedanham Shiro Dhara Karnapuranam
Virechanham Kabalham Navaraa Kizhi
Matra Vaasthi Gandusham Ulsadanam
Nasyaam Podikizhi Udwarthanaam
Abhyangaam Elakizhi Anjanaam
Pizhichil Ekanga Dhaara Aschyotanam
Pichu Dhumapanam Mukha Lepaam
Vamanam Siro Vasthi Kati Vaasthi
Sneha Vasthi Navaara Thepu Kashaaya Vasthi

Identifying & Study of some Herbs

Preparing Medicine

Kashayam (Decoction)
Swarasam (Juices)
Churnam (Herbal Powder)
Thailaam (Medicine oils)
Ghritam (Medicine Ghee)
Ksheera Kashayam (Milk-decoction)
Vasthi medicine
Vamaana medicines

Yoga: Practical

Suryam namaskaar
Twenty Asanas and varieties
Yoga Nidra: Relaxation
Pranayama: Nadi Shudhi
Pranayama: different ways

Sanskrit (elective)
The knowledge of Sanskrit language is for the aim of having fundamental trainig for
reading & knowledge the uses of technical term
Books tauhgt: Infant Reader, Sabda Manjari, & Dhatu Manjari

Achievements for this centre

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