Advanced Studies in English Language and Literatur

Advanced English Studies

UAB - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
In Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain)

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Important information

  • Master
  • Cerdanyola del vallès (Spain)
  • Duration:
    1 Year
  • When:
  • Credits: 60

The official Master in Advanced English Studies is aimed at students and professionals who are fluent in English and who wish to specialise in teaching the English language. This postgrad is taught in the afternoons in the Department of English Philology of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona; it is a one-year programme. It is part of the Official Postgrad Programme of Language and Literature, which concludes with the doctorate. Natural professional opportunities include teaching in secondary school and doctoral and postdoctoral research.

Important information



Where and when

Starts Location
Cerdanyola del Vallès
Barcelona, Spain
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

To be accepted to this Master you must have a bachelor's degree in Philology, with non-exclusive preference for English Philology. Minimum level of English: C1 in the European framework.

What you'll learn on the course

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
Advanced Academic Abilities
English Language Teaching Methodologies and New Technologies
Sentence and Word Order Acquisition
Phonology Acquisition
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
Love and Death in American Literature
Modernity: Art. War. Crisis
Post-colonialism: Desire and the Other
Postmodernity: New Sexualities/ New Textualities
The Eighteenth Century
The Renaissance from Shakespeare to Milton

Course programme

The official Master in Advanced English Studies has two possible specialisations:
  1. Specialisation in Multilingualism and Acquisition of English
  2. Specialisation in Literature and Cultural Studies

The structure of the curriculum is divided into the following ECTS credit assignment:

  • Mandatory courses: 24 ECTS
  • Optional courses: 27 ECTS
  • General courses for this specialisation: 9 credits
The mandatory courses include the Master's thesis, which corresponds to a work load of 12 ECTS.

You may consult the specific courses in the document attached to this information.

Additional information

There are three preinscription periods: from January 14-27, from February 20 to April 28, and from May 17 to July 31. Admitted candidates must register between September 09 and October 04.

An optional course of professional work experience is offered.

The price of the Master for non-residents from countries outside the European Union is € 7131.