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Advanced Final Cut Pro Training Video A Practical Final Cut Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills In this project-based Advanced Final Cut Pro video tutorial series, you'll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications. Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get: Concise, informative and broadcast-quality Advanced Final Cut Pro training videos delivered to your desktop The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface A quick grasp of even the most complex Advanced Final Cut Pro subjects because they're broken into simple, easy to follow tutorial videos Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Advanced Final Cut Pro tutorial, online or offline... so you'll know the exact steps for your own projects. Course Fast Facts: Only 4.75 hours to complete this course 86 tutorial videos Expert instructors lead each course Download to any Windows PC or Mac and save for viewing off line Course is accessible 24/7 from any computer once downloaded You can study from home or at work at your own pace in your own time Course Description In this Advanced Final Cut Pro Tutorial Video, expert author and trainer Andy Anderson introduces you to advanced techniques that go beyond the basics of Final Cut Pro 7.  Andy uses interactive video and audio based training to increase your absorbtion of the information taught in a shorter period of time. Taking you beyond the basics of basic load and cut editing, you will learn how to apply advanced techniques such as converting 4:3 to 16:9, working with nested sequences, using the Vectorscope, and much much more.  You watch the author perform the tasks he is teaching, while he explains step by step what he is doing.  You can at any time, pause, fast forward, rewind or skip to anywhere in the...

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Requirements: System Requirements - Digital Download Digital Download: Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 Digital Download specific requirements: Between 1GB and 6GB of available hard drive space (depending on the training course) An Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. You must have at least a 56K modem connection (Broadband recommended). Most modern ADSL and Cable internet solutions will be sufficient. Do I need...


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01. Efficiency: Getting More Done without Taking More Time
  • 0101 Introduction
  • 0102 Logging Clips at Warp Speed
  • 0103 Working with Reference Movies
  • 0104 Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 0105 Proper Log and Capture Workflow
  • 0106 Working with Offline Edits
  • 0107 Working with Multi Cams in Final Cut Pro
  • 0108 Working with Final Cut Pro Internal Tools
  • 0109 Working with Nested Sequences
  • 0110 What We Learned
  • 02. Editing: Beyond Cut, Copy, and Paste
    • 0201 Introduction
    • 0202 Removing a Blade Edit
    • 0203 The Trim Edit Window
    • 0204 Roll Edits, to the Max
    • 0205 Ripple Edits that Work
    • 0206 Performing a Slip in the Viewer
    • 0207 Electronic Storyboards
    • 0208 Cutting Audio Beat-by-Beat
    • 0209 What We Learned
  • 03. Editing: Playing Well with Others
    • 0301 Introduction
    • 0302 Creating a Window Burn
    • 0303 Protecting Your Work with Watermarks
    • 0304 Changing Titling Fonts
    • 0305 Exporting Markers as a Text List
    • 0306 Working with SmoothCam
    • 0307 Converting 4:3 Footage to 16:9
    • 0308 Using Media Manager to UP-Rez your video
    • 0309 What We Learned
  • 04. Editing: With Flair
    • 0401 Introduction
    • 0402 Using the Vectorscope
    • 0403 Perfecting Dissolves
    • 0404 Chroma Key with a Twist
    • 0405 The Need for Speed
    • 0406 Creative Uses for Slugs
    • 0407 Zooming on the Playhead
    • 0408 Power Marking
    • 0309 What We Learned
  • 05. Editing: Working with Clips and Frames
    • 0501 Introduction
    • 0502 Identifying Affiliate Clips in a Sequence
    • 0503 Working with Match Frames
    • 0504 Matching Freeze Frames
    • 0505 Matching Subclips
    • 0309 What We Learned
  • 06. Editing: What You See is What You Get
    • 0601 Introduction
    • 0602 Gradient Wipes to the Max
    • 0603 Using a Filter to Generate a Transition
    • 0604 Creating Backdrops on the Fly
    • 0605 Creative Uses of the Blink Filter
    • 0606 What We Learned
  • 07. Editing: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
    • 0701 Introduction
    • 0702 Creating a Side-by-Side Credit Roll
    • 0703 Using a Push Slide Transition on Text
    • 0704 Animating a Title Effect
    • 0705 Animating a Gradient
    • 0706 What We Learned
  • 08. Effects: Change is Good
    • 0801 Introduction
    • 0802 Creating a Film Look to Digital Video
    • 0803 Aging a video
    • 0804 Creating a Aged Look with Vignettes & Color
    • 0805 Generating a Cartoon-Like Effect
    • 0806 Creating a Spotlight Effect
    • 0807 Blurring Facial Features
    • 0808 Matching Color Between Clips
    • 0809 What We Learned
  • 09. Effects: Additional Tricks
    • 0901 Introduction
    • 0902 Using Gradients for Customized Color Effects
    • 0903 Generating FCP Animations
    • 0904 Still Frame Tricks
    • 0905 Picture in Picture
    • 0906 Exploring FCP Filters
    • 0907 What We Learned
  • 10. Exporting: The End Game
    • 1001 Introduction
    • 1002 Print to Video Tricks
    • 1003 Publishing to MobileMe
    • 1004 Working with iChat Theater Preview
    • 1005 Working with FCP Pro Share
    • 1006 Working with Chapter & Compression Markers
    • 1007 Burning Blu-Ray Disks
    • 1008 What We Learned
  • 11. Exporting: Final Thoughts
    • 1101 Introduction
    • 1102 Working with ProRes 4x4
    • 1103 Exporting HDV and XDCAM with ProRes
    • 1104 When to use (and not use) Native codec's
    • 1105 Adjusting Gamma from Mac to Windows
    • 1106 What We Learned

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