American Studies (Literature) - BA (Hons)

University of Kent
In Canterbury (England)

£ 9,000 - (Rs 7,43,032)
VAT incl.

Important information

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Canterbury (England)
  • Duration:
    4 Years

Kent provides a blend of established staples in American Studies such as the Civil War, slavery and contemporary politics, along with innovative modules on Native American literature, US environmental issues, and Latin American history and culture (including a Spanish language option). A wide range of modules are on offer in both three- and four-year programmes.

This programme is a four-year degree (with one year abroad) and specialises in American literature. We offer alternative American Studies degrees, all with the option of spending time at a US university. Each programme allows you to shape your degree into something unique and challenging. For more details, see 'related to this course' below.

The University of Kent has been teaching and researching in the field of American Studies since 1973. The programme is taught by an impressive range of internationally recognised scholars who specialise in American film, literature, history and politics. Students are encouraged to visit the United States or Latin America through our exchange system.

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
CT2 7PE, Kent, England
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What you'll learn on the course

American Politics
Film Theory
American History
American Literature
Literature Study
History of art

Course programme

The following modules are indicative of those offered on this programme. This listing is based on the current curriculum and may change year to year in response to new curriculum developments and innovation.  Most programmes will require you to study a combination of compulsory and optional modules. You may also have the option to take ‘wild’ modules from other programmes offered by the University in order that you may customise your programme and explore other subject areas of interest to you or that may further enhance your employability.

Stage 1

Possible modules may include:

EN333 - Romanticism and Critical Theory (30 credits)

EN303 - Introduction to American Studies (30 credits)

EN331 - Readings in the Twentieth Century (30 credits)

EN332 - Writing America (30 credits)

HA355 - Introduction to the History of Art (30 credits)

FI315 - Film Theory (30 credits)

FI313 - Film Style (30 credits)

FI314 - Hollywood Studios (30 credits)

FI316 - Film Histories (30 credits)

HA314 - Introduction to Contemporary Art (15 credits)

HA315 - Introduction to Contemporary Art (30 credits)

HA354 - Introduction to the History of Art (15 credits)

HA361 - Introduction to Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art (15 credits)

HA362 - Introduction to Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art (30 credits)

HI390 - The Emergence of America:From European Settlement to 1880 (15 credits)

HI391 - The Rise of the United States Since 1880 (15 credits)

HI426 - Making History: Theory and Practice (30 credits)

MU327 - Understanding Popular Styles (15 credits)

PO305 - International History and International Relations (15 credits)

PO327 - Introduction to Comparative Politics (15 credits)

You have the opportunity to select wild modules in this stage

Stage 2

Possible modules may include:

EN665 - American Studies: Reputations (30 credits)

EN675 - Declaring Independence: 19th Century US Literature (30 credits)

EN677 - The Contemporary (30 credits)

EN695 - Empire, New Nations and Migration (30 credits)

EN721 - American Modernities: US Literature in the 20th Century (30 credits)

You have the opportunity to select wild modules in this stage

Year abroad

Students on the four-year programmes spend a year between Stages 2 and 3 at one of our partner universities in the USA (or South America for students on the Latin American pathway) taking specialist courses. American Studies students spending a year in the USA do not have to pay American universities’ (often high) tuition fees.

Students on the three-year programme have the option of spending a term abroad in their final year.

Possible modules may include:

HU503 - Humanities Study Abroad Module (Year) (120 credits)

Stage 3

Possible modules may include:

HI560 - American Studies Extended Essay (30 credits)

EN703 - The 'Real' America: Class and Culture in the American Gilded Age (30 credits)

EN676 - Cross-Cultural Coming-of-Age Narratives (30 credits)

EN667 - Harlem to Hogan's Alley: Black Writing in North America (30 credits)

EN588 - Innovation and Experiment in New York, 1945-2015 (30 credits)

EN623 - Native American Literature (30 credits)

EN658 - American Crime Fiction (30 credits)

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