Ancient, Medieval and Modern History - BA (Hons)

University of Kent
In Canterbury (England)

£ 9,000 - (Rs 7,41,738)
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Important information

  • Bachelor's degree
  • Canterbury (England)
  • Duration:
    3 Years

Kent’s BA (Hons) in Ancient, Medieval and Modern History is a new programme combining modules from the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies with those offered by the School of History to give you an insight into all periods of the world’s history.

Any study of history engages a natural human curiosity about the past. On this programme, you go right back into the past to include the study of the Ancient world alongside the Medieval and Modern Worlds to explore the interaction between these societies through a focus on historical investigation across a wider time span.

The great strength of studying Ancient History, is the hugely interesting and varied range of subjects it includes – the study of Egypt, Greece, Rome and their neighbours through the study of a wide range of historical sources and engagement with archaeology, art and architecture, with the possibility of also studying ancient languages, literature and mythology, as well as drama and philosophy. It prides itself on its high levels of student satisfaction and broad choice of approaches to the Ancient World.

The School of History has a long established flexible BA programme in History with strengths in all time periods from the Medieval to the end of the twentieth century. The school is recognised for its research excellence, flexible programmes and quality of its teaching. You will be taught by passionate academics, active researchers and recognised experts.

Studying Ancient, Medieval and Modern History, you learn how to approach and critically analyse many types of sources within their proper contexts, and gain an understanding of exactly how they have impacted upon different individuals, groups and events – both in the past and in the present day.

This programme is an ideal choice for those interested in world history and who wish to gain practical skills to engage with an understanding of how the past shapes the present.

Important information

Where and when

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CT2 7PE, Kent, England
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What you'll learn on the course

Ancient History
Modern History
Medieval History

Course programme

The following modules are indicative of those offered on this programme. This listing is based on the current curriculum and may change year to year in response to new curriculum developments and innovation.  Most programmes will require you to study a combination of compulsory and optional modules. You may also have the option to take ‘wild’ modules from other programmes offered by the University in order that you may customise your programme and explore other subject areas of interest to you or that may further enhance your employability.

Stage 1

Possible modules may include:

CL353 - The Civilisations of Greece and Rome (30 credits)

HI426 - Making History: Theory and Practice (30 credits)

CL311 - Latin for Beginners (30 credits)

CL315 - Classical Mythology:Themes and Approaches (30 credits)

CL329 - Introduction to Archaeology (15 credits)

HI430 - Modern British History (Part Two) (15 credits)

HI433 - 1600-1750: The Age of Enlightenment (15 credits)

HI436 - A Global History of Empires: 1850-1960 (15 credits)

HI437 - War and Diplomacy in Europe c1850-2000 (15 credits)

CL354 - Roman Emperors and Biography (15 credits)

CL358 - Words are Weapons: Insults in Classical Literature (15 credits)

CL359 - Beginner's Greek 1 (15 credits)

CL360 - Beginner's Greek 2 (15 credits)

HI346 - Monarchy and Aristocracy in England 1460-1640 (15 credits)

HI353 - Britain and the Second World War: The Home Front (15 credits)

HI366 - Britain in the Age of Industrialisation 1700-1830 (15 credits)

HI385 - Introduction to the History of Medicine (15 credits)

HI391 - The Rise of the United States Since 1880 (15 credits)

HI411 - Later Medieval Europe (15 credits)

You have the opportunity to select wild modules in this stage.

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