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This is a mini-course for individuals with no proficiency or extremely limited knowledge of Arabic language and culture who are about to begin study or work in an Arabic-speaking context. The course will introduce learners to basic concepts and information to facilitate entry and engagement in an Arabic-speaking environment.

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Arabic Language
Arabic Speaking
History of Islam
Political Governance
Arab World
Common Expressions in Arabic
Arabic-Speaking World
Arabic Culture

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Cultural content: Lesson 1/Diversity in the Arabic-Speaking World; Lesson 2/Historical Aspects of Islam; Lesson 3/Political Governance; Lesson 4/Family and Society; Lesson 5/America and the Arab World; Lesson 6/The Suk, the Ahwa, and a Bowl of Fresh Hummus.

Linguistic content: 

Lesson 1/Greetings! Marhaba!; Lesson 2/ Eating Out and Shopping; Lesson 3/ Visit to a Home in the Arabic-Speaking World; Lesson 4/ Traveling to an Arabic-Speaking Country; Lesson 5/Professional Meetings; Lesson 6/Common Expressions in Arabic.

Estimated Time to Complete Course: This is a six-week, six-lesson, half-semester course (equivalent to six weeks of university-level instruction) or roughly sixty hours of student effort.

Suggested Prerequisites: None.Additional Software or

Materials Required: None.Maintenance Fee (per student): Not yet determined.