Arbitrage Trading

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    15 Days
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Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) understands the growing demand of the industry and thus introduces a arbitrage course for student, investment analysts, commodity brokers, investors, stock brokers, treasury executives, regulatory staff etc. The course is designed by experts and enables the students to gain live and practical knowledge on arbitrage. Whether you are an investor, or a businessman or working with any top brooking house in India, our arbitrage trading course will cater all your requirements.

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2nd Floor, 201, Chabbra Complex, Veer Savakar Block, shakarpur, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station Delhi, 110092, Delhi, India
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What you'll learn on the course


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Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC)
Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC)

Course programme

Chapter 1: Overview of Arbitrage Trading

  • What is Arbitrage?
  • Origin of Arbitrage Trading
  • How to make trades in Arbitrage?
  • How to make high frequency trades in Arbitrage
  • Understanding trading between BSE and NSE
  • Terminologies

Chapter 2: Cash to Cash Arbitrage

  • Concepts of Long Term and Intra-day Trades in Arbitrage
  • Trading between one stock exchange to other stock exchange
  • Spot to Spot
  • Forward to Forward

Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis - Arbitrage Trading

  • Analyzing the Socio-Political Factors
  • Micro and Macro Economic Analysis
  • Different Market Forces- Demand and Supply
  • Industry Reports and Analysis
  • Economic Cycles

Chapter 4: Concept of Time Value of Money

  • Interest rates in arbitraging
  • Discount factors in arbitraging
  • Opportunity Cost
  • Risk-Free Rate
  • Equity Risk Premium

Chapter 5: Cash to Future and Future to Future Arbitrage Trading

  • Trading on Long Futures
  • Trading on Short Futures
  • Issues in Cash to Future Arbitrage Trading
  • Valuing Futures
  • Calendar Spread Arbitrage
  • Nifty to Stock Arbitrage

Chapter 6: Inter & Intra Exchange Arbitrage

Chapter 7: Situational and Inter-Country Arbitrage

Chapter 8: Volatility Trading, Synthetic and Box Trading

Chapter 9: Excel Project Creation and Training of Arbitrage

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