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Our course gives you step by step guides and video tutorials so that you can learn the basics. Each technique comes with a starter pattern that you can learn and work from before letting your imagination run wild.

The variety of skills you’ll learn allows for your own artistic personality to explore which area gives you most fulfilment. Maybe you’ll excel at all techniques. Seeing your truly wonderful, individual and creative finished pieces will make your spirit soar!

The TEDDY BEAR has a unique place in society, warmly welcomed into hearts worldwide. Watch video clips of the trickiest parts of bear making and read step by step instructions that will lead you comfortably through the whole project. Is there a bear in you waiting to be born? Or maybe thousands?!

SILK PAINTING easy to master, stunning creations. Create mesmerising visual effects with a limitless ability to play with colour. We’ll talk you through the preparation, tools, techniques and finishing skills you need to complete stunning works of art in your own home.

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What are the course objectives?

DECOUPAGE: decorative finishes that transform ordinary items or furniture. Turn boring items into highly prized objects. Tools and materials needed are simple and inexpensive. Become an expert in no time with step by step instructions and video footage of decoupage in action.

ENGRAVED GLASS is universally loved as an adornment in homes, for prizes and as a gift for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Learn to create stunning finishes on glass pieces that could lead to a glittering future!

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If you love the warm, reassuring look and feel of PATCHWORK, indulge in learning the skills involved. There are endless possibilities for patchwork art. A two level instruction guide shows you how to complete eye catching designs.


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Module 1: Introduction How to assemble the pieces of the bear. The technique for sewing plush fabric. Where the tradition of making teddy bears comes from? How to apply the type of 'application' you'll be working on in this module. The materials that you need. The steps for making a teddy bear 

Module 2: Patterns and templates What a pattern is and how to interpret it. The templates and how to make them. The templates and how to make them. View a video demonstration 

Module 3: Mark and cut out Templates How are templates marked on the fabric? How many templates do you need to make? Demonstration videos

Module 4: Sew the pieces The type of stitching to use: Overcast. How do you begin to sew? Video a demonstration video.

Module 5: Join and assemble the pieces View Demonstration videos

Module 6: FIll What type of material to use as ?lling and how to ?ll the teddy bear. View Demonstration video.

Module 7: Position the trimmings. Finish How to close and ?nish the bear. What kind of trimmings you can use? View some Demonstration videos. Silk painting

Module 8: Introduction Learn what the technique of decoupage is What is silk? What is the technique of silk painting with salt? Our proposed project. The materials you need. The steps for painting a silk scarf with salt.

Module 9: Preparing and Painting the Scarf Learn what type of silk we use? Learn what kind of paint we use? Learn what kind of paint we use? View a video demonstration

Module 10: Sprinkle salt on the scarf Learn what type of silk we use? See how we put the salt on to the scarf. View a video demonstration

Module 11: Set the colour. Finish Learn how we set the colour on the silk scarf? View a video demonstration. Decoupage

Module 12: Introduction Discover where the tradition of decoupage began Look at a project that you'll work on throughout this module Examine the materials you need Learn the steps for decorating a child's chair with decoupage

Module 13: Object to decorate and type of paper Learn what objects can be used for decorating. Learn what kind of paper we apply. From a video demonstration.

Module 14: Cut the paper Learn how to cut the paper. View a video demonstration.

Module 15: Paste the paper Learn what glue we use to paste on the paper. View a video demonstration

Module 16: Decorate the child's chair Look at decorations what type and how to apply them. View a video demonstration Glass engraving

Module 17: Introduction What is a Patchwork technique? What is the process of engraving or etching on glass? Where does the tradition of glass engraving come from? The project we propose. The materials you need. The steps for glass engraving that we propose engraving a champagne glass.

Module 18: Choose and trace the design What objects can be used to decorate with engraving? What objects can be used to decorate with engraving? What kind of drawing will you engrave? What kind of engraving needle will you use? From a video demonstration.

Module 19: Engrave the design How to engrave the drawing. View a video demonstration.