ASP.Net Program

DUCC Systens Pvt. Ltd.
In New Delhi

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Important information

  • Course
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    1 Day

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
On request
New Delhi
411, Jyoti Sikhar Building, Janakpuri District Center, 110058, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Preface to A.S.P..NET

* Requirement of web application
* H.t.t.p. Protocol
* Static plus changeable page
* Concept operating of I.I.S. plus browser
* Variances among A.S.P. plus A.S.P. .Net

Preface of H.T.M.L.

* Making an easy h.t.m.l. page
* H.T.M.L. Tags
* Host a h.t.m.l. page
* I.I.S. Virtual Directory

Server Pages by use of A.S.P. .Net

* Create server pages
* Understand page life cycle
* Handle page request
* H.t.t.p. Requesting Objects
* H.t.t.p. Response Objects
* Understand post back
* Auto task wire up
* Trace plus Debug A.S.P. .net page

State organization

* Preface to stateless procedure
* Requirement of state perseverance
* Kinds of state organization
* H.t.t.p. cookies
o Cookies making
o Cookies kinds
+ Non perseverance
+ Perseverance
+ Third party
+ Solitary worth
+ Multi value
o Range of cookies plus their merits
* H.t.t.p. Session
o Understand the session
o Session clean up plus formation
o In plus Out procedure session organization

* Understand Application Life Cycle
* Application Clean up plus Creation
* Implementing plus usage of application entity
* work with Global a.s.a.x.

Query String technique

* Implementing of query string
* Transferring value during query string
* Get worth of request object
* Range

State Management by use of post back U.R.L.

* Post back U.R.L.
* Page Objects
* Previous page procedure

View State

* Understand view state
* Store values in viewing state
* Retrieve values from viewing state

Server Controlling

* Standard Controlling
* Validation Controlling
* Data Bind Controlling
o Repeater Controlling
o DataList Controlling
o GridView Controlling
o FormView Controlling
o DetailsView Controlling
* Navigation Controlling
o Site Mapping
o Tree Viewing
o Menu Controlling


* Preface of caching
* Requirement of caching
* Kinds of caching
o Pages production caching
+ Declaration production caching
+ Time stage in addition to location set up
+ Parameter Caching Set up
o Caching with H.t.t.p. cache policies session
o Post cache substitutions plus fragment caching
o Data caching
+ Cache Objects
+ Manage information into cache
+ Cache Properties
+ Cache Profile

Skin & Theme

* Scope Themes
* Themes versus CSS
* Create a Skin


*Define X.M.L.
* X.M.L. Document Plan plus Syntax System.X.M.L. Name Space
* X.M.L. Documenting, X.M.L. reader, X.M.L. nodes, X.M.L. node listing, X.M.L. writer Sessions
* Read plus Write a X.M.L. File

Web Service

* Preface to X.M.L. Web Services
* ASP.NET Web Services
* Access Web Services
* Writing an easy Web Service
* Pre compiled X.M.L. Web Services
* Consume a X.M.L. Web Service
* From a Clientele Application
* X.M.L. Web Service Kind Marshaling
* Using Data in X.M.L. Web Services
* Web Service Behavior
* applying of safety in web services
* Understand S.O.A.P. plus W.S.D.L.


* Understand A.J.A.X.
* Preface to ASP.NET A.J.A.X. Characteristics
* Structural design of A.J.A.X. Characteristics in ASP.NET
* Create an ASP.NET AJAX-allowed Web Site
* Understand plus Work with Updated Panel
* Merits of the Updated Panel Controlling
* Updating Progression
* Ajax Tool kit For ASP.NET
* Ajax Controlling
* Script Manager
* Script Manager Proxy
* Time


* Windows Authenticity
* Form Authenticity
* Passport Authenticity
* Authorizing
* Login controlling
* Administration site


* Understand traditions as well as U.I. traditions
* The Initialization Culture technique
* Set the Cultural plus U.I. Cultural for ASP.NET Web Page

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