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Astrophysics: Exploring Exoplanets - Australian National University

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Explore the mysteries of exoplanets - planets around other stars – in this introductory astrophysics course.With this course you earn while you learn, you gain recognized qualifications, job specific skills and knowledge and this helps you stand out in the job market.

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Requirements: High school mathematics and physics


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Richard Reddy
What I would highlight This is a radiantly designed course, loaded with fascinating subtle elements on the methods and characteristic constraints of astrophysics. Both educators are exceptionally qualified, without a doubt, however have a talent for clear correspondence and plain talking. This makes the course available to any individual who is alright with secondary school math. It's likewise a fantastic course for individuals who know something about physics. Its really evident Brian and Paul make the most of their work, and the presentation stresses pragmatic information, matchbook figurings that should be possible on a notebook, and the fundamental ideas used to propel the work of astrophysics. Anybody taking these courses will take in a great deal abouy astronomy and astrophysics, furthermore the manner of thinking utilized by physicists to handle issues of numerous sorts.

What could be improved No negative aspects.

Course taken: August 2016 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.
What I would highlight This arrangement contains the academically best made courses that either edx or coursera brings to the table . Executing instructive research , Paul Francis has accomplished a masterwork of showing his theme . The course plan , with a semester being separated into 4 courses and recordings so short that your consideration spam would not drop, guarantees consistent learning and in this manner profound comprehension . The discretionary "Secret" does make these courses phenomenal fun as well as is "learning by doing it" become real. With his course plan , Paul Francis has given another intending to the word learning . You never take in more than when you are living it .

What could be improved Everything OK.

Course taken: September 2016 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.
Christos Stefanou
What I would highlight This course took me to an extraordinary voyage around the universe. The teachers are exceptionally excited and enthusiastic about this subject and this improved my own particular intrigue as well. I am unquestionably going to finish the entire X-Series program and I am exceptionally keen on keeping on investigating this astonishing field. In the event that you select to these courses, you will love it. Keep up the brilliant work Mr. Francis and Mr. Schmidt

What could be improved Nothing bad.

Course taken: October 2016 | Recomendarías este centro? Sí.

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The discovery of exoplanets is one of the greatest revolutions in modern astrophysics. Twenty years ago, we had no idea whether any of the countless stars out there beyond our solar system had planets or not. Today, things are totally different. Over 1,000 planetary systems have been discovered. The universe is teeming with planets. And what strange planets they are - hot Jupiter-like planets skimming the surfaces of their stars, cold and lonely free-floating planets far from any star, planets made of diamond, planets with rain made of glass, super-Earths and even planets orbiting neutron stars. In this course, we’ll bring you up-to-date with the latest research on exoplanets, and how this research has revolutionised our understanding of the formation of solar systems like our own. This course is designed for people who would like to get a deeper understanding of these mysteries than that offered by popular science articles and shows. You will need reasonable high-school level mathematics and physics to get the most out of this course. This is the second of four ANUx courses which together make up the Australian National University's first year astrophysics program. It follows on from the introductory course on the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe, and is followed by courses on the violent universe and on cosmology. These courses compromise the Astrophysics XSeries. Learn more about the XSeries program and register for all the courses in the series today!