B.A in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology

Shivaji University
In Kolhapur

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  • Bachelor
  • Kolhapur

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Vidyanagar, 416004, Maharashtra, India
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Course Content
History of Ancient India up to c. 650 A.D.
Unit I . Survey of sources and approaches to Ancient Indian History :
Sources - A) Archaeological sources B)Inscriptions C) Coins D) Literary
sources E) Foreign accounts.

Unit II : Prehistory :
A) Definition of stone age B) Palaeohithic period C) Neolithic period

Unit III : Protohistory :
A) Harappan civilization- origine, distribution, Harppam sites - Mohenjodaro,
Harappa , kalibangan, Lothal, Dholvira.
B) Agriculture, trade and industry , religious beliefs and practices, art and
architecture and script.
C) The problem of urban decline and the late Harappan cultures.

Unit IV : Background to the emergence of early historic India :
A) Society in Vedic period
B) Economic condition in Vedic period
C) Polity reflected in Vedic literature
D) Religious system in Vedic period

Unit V : Janapadas & Mahajanapadas :
a) Early monarchical states and ganasanghas
b) Rise of Magadh empire
c) Causes for the rise of Jainism and Buddhism, their main teachings

Unit VI : Mauryan empire :
a) Alexander invasion
b) Expansion of Mauryan empire; their administration system
c) Ashokas Dhamma, nature and propogation
d) Art and architecture

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