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Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering & Technology
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Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kudwa Village, Gondia , 441614, Maharashtra, India
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The Department of Electronics made its humble beginning with the establishment of the Institute while the Department of Electronics and Communication was started in the session 2001-02. The Department has highly qualified and motivated faculty led by Prof. A. K. Mittra. It boasts also of state-of-the art equipment in all its laboratories. The undergraduate curriculum is structured to offer a broad coverage to Mathematics and Science along with providing considerable depth in Electronics Engineering and exposure to other aspects of Electronics Engineering and allied disciplines. The subjects taught include Advanced Instrumentation, Switching Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic System Design, UHF and Microwave, etc.
Electronic System Design Laboratory
The Electronic System Design Laboratory is developed with Modern tools and technologies thus, now changed from test bench laboratory into desktop laboratory. The lab is having 11 users TINAPRO student version software in which the student of the department can learn design of electronic circuits.
In the laboratory student can also solve the design problems using program developed in MATLAB. Also the data about the standard components, available in the market, are avaiable to convert the results into standard data.

Liner Integrated Circuits Laboratory
The lab is well equipped with experiment kits to perform experiments on various linear integrated circuits like the OPAMPs, Regulators, 741,714, 555 etc.

Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory
The lab is well equipped with experiment kits to perform experiments on various integrated digital circuits of SSI and MSI level such as gates, flip-flops, counters, registers, memory devices, ALUs, Adders, Subtractors, Multiplexers, decoders, Encoders etc.

Communication Electronics laboratory
The laboratory contains experiment kits to perform experiments on fundamental communication circuits such as modulation circuits, demodulation circuits, AM and FM circuits, PCM circuits and FSK circuits.
The laboratory includes a very high bandwidth (100 MHz ) Oscilloscope to view real time signals.

The laboratory contains two sets of Microwave Benches to study the propagation, attenuation and other characteristics of microwaves. The laboratory contains klystron tubes and other important components used in broadcast stations.

The laboratory contains number of INTEL 8085 microprocessor kits, INTEL 8086 microprocessor kits, micro controller kits and microcomputer kits. This is the laboratory where student gets a real touch of inside working of computers.

The department has an independent computer center with 10 computers where students learn the taste of programming languages and application development. The computer centre owns legal version of MATLAB software from USA. This software alongwith its modules is excellent tool for learning various subjects of Engg. & research work.

Workshop facilitates the students to build there own compact Electronic Circuit. The workshop provides the facility of making the PCB from artwork of circuit layout by photo etching process.

The department original legal version is VLSI software from ALTERA USA. extremely useful for design of integrated circuits.

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