B.A. (H) Economics

Kirori Mal College
In New Delhi

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Important information

  • Bachelor
  • New delhi

Important information

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New Delhi
Kirori Mal College University of Delhi, 110007, Delhi, India
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Course programme

B.A. (H) Economics
I Year - Main Papers
I Principles of Economics
II Mathematical Methods for Economics
III Statistical Methods in Economics

II Year - Main Papers
IV Microeconomics
V Macroeconomics
VI Economic History of India 1857-1947
VII India's Economic Development since 1947

III Year - Main Papers
VIII Economy, State & Society
IX Development Theory and Experience

Optional Papers (any 4 of the following):
X Indian Agriculture & Industry
XI Money & Financial Markets
XII Public Economics
XIII Comparative Economic Development (1850â€"1950)
XIV Introductory Econometrics
XV Topics in Microeconomics
XVI Topics in Macroeconomics
XVII International Trade
B.A. (H) English
I Year - Main Papers
I English Literature-III
II Twentieth Century Indian Writing

II Year - Main Papers
III English Literature-I
IV English Literature-II

Optional Papers (any 1 of the following):
V-a Nineteenth Century European Realsim
V-b Classical Literature
V-c Forms of Popular Fiction

III Year - Main Papers
VI English Literature-IV
VII English Literature-V
VIII Contemporary Literature

Optional Papers (any 1 of the following):
IX-a Anglo-American Writing since 1940
IX-b Literary Theory
IX-c Womenâ€TMs Writing in the 19th & 20th Centuries
IX-d Modern European Drama
B.A. (H) Geography
I Year - Main Papers
I Geomorphology
II Climatology & Oceanography
III Geography of Population
IV General Cartography (Practicals)

II Year - Main Papers
V Statistical Methods in Geography
VI Settlement Geography
VII Geography of Resources
VIII Thematic Cartography & Field Work (Practicals)

III Year - Main Papers
IX Evolution of Geographical Thought
X Geography of the Environment
XI Geography of South Asia
XII Remote Sensing, Computers & GIS (Practicals)

Optional Papers (any 2 of the following):
XIII Regional Planning
XIV Geography of Tourism
XV Political Geography
XVI Urban Geography
B.A. (H) Hindi
I Year-Main Papers
I Sahitya lochan
II Bhakti Kavyadhara
III Reeti Kavyadhara

II Year-Main Papers
IV Hindi Ghadya Sahitya
V Aadhunik Kavita 1
VI Samanya Bhasha Vigyan avum Hindi Bhasha

III Year-Main Papers
VII Aadhunik Kavita 2
VIII Hindi Naatak
IX Bhartiya Bhasha Sahitya
X Hindi Sahitya ka itihaas

Optional Papers ( any one of the following sets):
XI-c Anuvaad Sidhant
XII-c Anuvaad Vyavhaar
XI-d Rangmanch Sidhant
XII-d Rangmanch Itihaas
XI-e Hindi Patrakaarita
XII-e Media Lakhen
B.A. (H) History
I Year - Main Papers
I History of India up to AD 750
II Social Formations & Cultural Patterns of the Ancient & Medieval World

II Year - Main Papers
III History of India circa AD 750â€"1540
IV The Rise of the Modern West (Mid-15th Century to the American Revolution)

Optional Papers (any 1 of the following):
V-a History of the United States of America (1776â€"1945)
V-b History of the USSR (1917â€"1964)
V-c History of Africa and Latin America

III Year - Main Papers
VI History of India circa AD 1540â€"1761
VII History of India circa AD 1750-1951
VIII History of China & Japan
IX History of Modern Europe

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