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Maharshi Dayanand University,Rohtak - 124001,Haryana , 124001, Haryana, India
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Atomic Structure:-
Historical development of the subject, Bohr's theory and its limitations, idea of de-
Broglie matter waves, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, atomic orbitals, Schrodinger
wave equation, significance of j and j2, quantum numbers, normal and orthogonal wave
functions, radial and angular wave functions and probability distribution curves, shapes
of s, p, d and f orbitals, Aufbau and Pauli exclusion principle, Hund's multiplicity rule
electronic configurations of the elements, effective nuclear charge.

Valence bond theory and its limitations, directional characteristics of covalent bond,
various types of hybridisation and shapes of simple Inorganic molecules and ions.
VSEPR Theory of NH3 , H3O+, SF4 , ClF3, ICl2
- and H2O. MO theory: homonuclear and
heteronuclear (CO and NO) diatomic molecules, multicentre bonding in electron
deficient molecules, bond strength and bond energy, percentage ionic character from
dipole moment and electronegativity difference.

Weak Interactions:
Hydrogen bonding: Types, theory and consequences of Hydrogen Bonding, Vander
Waal's forces.

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