B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
In Noida

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Important information

  • Bachelor
  • Noida
  • Duration:
    4 Years

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
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A-10,Sector-62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201307, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

First semester

1 07B11PD301 Presentation and Communication Skills
2 07B11MA101 Mathematics-I
3 07B11PH101 Physics-I
4 07B11EC101 Electrical Circuit Analysis
5 07B11CI101 Introduction to Computers and Programming
6 07B11PH701 Physics Lab-I
7 07B11EC701 Electrical Circuits Lab
8 07B11CI701 Computer Programming Lab
9 07B11GE951 Institutional Orientation
10 07B11PD302 English (Audit course)

Second Semester

1 07B21PD102 Group and Cooperative Processes
2 07B21MA103 Discrete Mathematics
3 07B21PH102 Physics-II
4 07B21EC102 Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits
5 07B21CI102 Data Structures
6 07B21PH702 Physics Lab-II
7 07B21EC702 Basic Electronics Lab
8 07B21CI702 Data Structures and Computer Programming Lab
9 07B21EC952 Departmental Orientation

Third semester

1 07B31PD303 Managerial Economics
2 07B21MA102 Mathematics-II
3 07B31EC103 Electrical Machines and Instruments
4 07B31EC104 Signals and Systems
5 07B31EC105 Analogue Electronics
6 07B31EC703 Electrical Machines and Instruments Lab
7 07B31EC704 Signals and Systems Lab
8 07B31EC705 Analogue Electronics Lab
9 07B42CI702 Multimedia Development Lab I

Fourth semester

1 07B41PD104 Financial Management
2 07B41MA106 Probability Theory and Random Processes
3 07B41EC106 Semiconductor Devices
4 07B41EC107 Digital Electronics
5 07B41EC108 Analogue Communications
6 07B41GE101 Environmental Studies
7 07B41EC706 Devices and Circuit simulation Lab
8 07B41EC707 Digital Electonics Lab
9 07B41EC708 Analogue Communications Lab
10 07B31CI705 Unix Programming Lab

Fifth semester

1 07B51PD305 Social and Legal Issues
2 07B51EC109 Digital Communications
3 07B51EC110 Digital Signal Processing
4 07B41CI105 Microprocessors and Controllers
5 07B51EC111 Electromagnetic Engineering
6 07B51EC709 Digital Communications Lab
7 07B51EC710 Digital Signal Processing Lab
8 07B41CI706 Microprocessors and Controllers Lab
9 07B51EC711 Electromagnetics Lab
10 08B51EC903 Minor Project I

Sixth semester

1 07B61PD106 Project Management
2 07B61EC112 Telecommunication Networks
3 07B61EC113 VLSI Technology and Applications
4 07B61PH105 Material Sciences
5 07B61CI241 Object Oriented Systems and Programming
6 07B61EC712 Telecommunication Networks Lab
7 07B61EC713 VLSI Lab
9 07B61CI801 Object Oriented Systems and Programming Lab
10 07B61GE961 Industrial Training
11 08B61EC904 Minor Project II

Seventh semester

1 PD Elective-I 3
2 DE-I 3 3
3 DE-II 3 3
4 DE-III 3 3
5 08B71EC905 Project Part I

List of courses for PD Elective-I

1 07B71PD601 Entrepreneurial Development 3 3
2 07B71PD602 Managing & Marketing Technology 3 3
3 07B71PD401 Engineering Statistics

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