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  • Bachelor
  • Hyderabad
  • Duration:
    4 Years

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V.N.R VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF ENG & TECH, Batchupally, Hyderabad, AP, 500072, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

II Year

Steps involved in making a casting-advantage of casting and its applications.
Patterns and pattern making
types of patterns - materials used for patterns, pattern allowances and their construction
Principles of gating, gating ratio and design of gating system.

Solidification of casting- concept - solidification of pure metal and alloys, short and long freezing range alloys.
Risers - types, function and design.
Casting design considerations,
special casting processes i) Centrifugal, ii) Die , iii) Investment.
Methods of melting : Crucible melting and cupola operation, steel making processes, special.

Classification of welding process, Types of welds and welded joints and their characteristics
Design of welded joints,Gas welding, arc welding, forge welding, resistance welding, thermit welding and plasma (air and water) welding.

Oxy - acetylene gas cutting, water plasma, cutting of ferrous, non-ferrous metals.


Inert gas welding, TIG and MIG welding,.

Friction welding, Induction welding, Explosive welding, Laser welding, soldering and brazing. Heat affected zones in welding.
Welding defects - causes and remedies- destructive, non-destructive testing of welds
Hot working, Cold working strain hardening, recovery, recry- stallization and grain growth comparison of properties of cold and hot worked parts
rolling fundamentals- theory of rolling types of rolling mills and products. Forces in rolling and power requirements.


Stamping, forming and other cold working processes:
Blanking and piercing - bending and forming drawing and its types - wire drawing and tube drawing coining - hot and cold spinning
Types of presses and press tools.
Forces and power requirements in the above operations
Extrusion of Metals :
Basic Extrusion process and its characteristics. Hot extrusion and cold extrusion.
Forward extrustion and backward extrusion - impact extrusion, hydrostatic extrusion.
Forging processes :
Principles of forging - tools and dies - types forging - smith forging, drop forging - roll forging - forging hammers; rotary forging - forging defects.
Processing of plastics
types of plastics, properties, applications,

Plastics and their processing methods and equipment (blow and injection modeling).
Revision Units 1,2,3
Revision Units 4,5,6

III Year

Introduction to Economics

Introduction to Managerial Economics

Scope & significance of Managerial Economics

Relation of Managerial Economics with others subjects

Introduction to Demand & Types

Demand Determinants

Law of Demand - Def , Assumptions & Exceptions

Discussion of old Question papers

IV Year

Development - Definition - characteristics and phases - scientific method - Types of Models - General Methods for solving operation Research Models.
ALLOCATION: Linear Programming problem Formulation -Graphical Solution - Simplex method -Artificial Variables Technique - Duality Principle.


TRANSPORTATION PROBLEM: Formulation - optimal solution, unbalanced transportation problem - Degeneracy -Assignment problem - Formulation - Optimal Solution - Traveling salesman problem.
SEQUENCING: Introduction - optimal solution for processing ‘n' Jobs through two machines and ‘n' Jobs through three machines - processing two Jobs through ‘m' machines.


REPLACEMENT: Introduction - Replacement of items that deteriorate with time - when money value is not counted and counted - Replacement of items that fail completely, group replacement.


THEORY OF GAMES: Introduction - Minimax (Maximin) -Criteria and optimal strategy - solution of games with saddle points - Rectangular games without saddle points.2x2games-Dominance principle-mx2&2xngames,graphical method.


SWAITING LINES - Introduction - single channel - poisson arrival - exponential service times - unrestricted queue with infinite population and finite population models - single channel, poisson arrivals, exponential service times with infinite population and restricted queue - multichannel - poisson arrivals - exponential service times with infinite population and cenrestricted queue.


INVENTORY: Introduction - single item - Deterministic models - purchase inventory Models with one price break and multiple price breaks, shortages are not allowed - stochastic models, demand may be discrete variable or continuous variable - Instantaneous production, Instantaneous demand and no setup cost.


DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING: Introduction - Bellman's principle of optimality - solution of problems with finite number of stages.

SIMULATION : Definition - Types of simulation models - phases of simulation- applications of simulation- Inventory and Queuing problems - Advantages and Disadvantages - Simulation Languages.

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