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Salesian College
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Typology Bachelor
Start Sonada
Duration 1 Day
  • Bachelor
  • Sonada
  • Duration:
    1 Day

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Salesian College, Sonada - (Post), Darjeeling - (Dist)., 734219, West Bengal, India
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Starts On request
Salesian College, Sonada - (Post), Darjeeling - (Dist)., 734219, West Bengal, India
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Course programme

The Salestian College offers Bachelor degree in English. As per necessity of N.B.U. in order to be entitle for registration at the College, a student must have secured the passing % estimated from the best of 4 admitting English & barring Environment Study. To be entitle for the Honors program, a student should have secured either:
i) fifty-five percent grades in the total or
ii)fifty-five percent in the total & sixty percent in the subjects of choice at the P.U.C. or +2 exam

The curriculum includes

Branch 1 theme 1 : History of India uptil c. A.D. 650
· Lesson 1 : Geographical setting
· Lesson II: review of source & approach to ancient Indian History
· Lesson III: Pre-history
· Lesson IV: Proto-history
· Lesson V: Settings to the rise of early historical India.
· Lesson VI: Materials & ideological settings
· Lesson VII: Mahajanapada to Empires.
· Lesson VIII: The Mauryan Empires.
· Lesson IX: Post-Mauryans Development (c.200 B.C.- c.300 A.D.)
· Lesson X: Era of the Guptas
· Lesson XI: Post-Gupta Era
Theme 2 : History of India c.A.D.650 - 1550
· Lesson 1. c.A.D.650 - 1550.
· Lesson II: Sultanates A.D. 1200 - 1500
· Lesson III: Region
Theme 3 : History of India c. A.D. 1550 -1750
· Lesson 1: The Mughals
· Lesson II: Politics
· Lesson III: Rural economic system & Society
· Lesson IV: Trades Commerce's & the Monetary Systems.
· Lesson V: Urban Center.
· Lesson VI: Cultural Development
· Lesson VII: Downfall of the Mughals & Rising of Successor State
· Lesson VIII: Pattern of Regional Politics
· Lesson IX: Religious Cultures
· Lesson X: understanding the 18th C
Theme 4 : History of India c.A.D. 1750 - 1950
· Lesson 1: apprehension of Modern India.
· Lesson II: enlargement & consolidations of British dominance with especial address to Bengal, Mysore, Maratha, Punjab, Awadh.
· Lesson III: Colonial States & its ideas.
· Lesson IV: Rural economic system & society.
· Lesson V: Indian Rising: Bengal.
· Lesson VI: Cultural Change & Social & Religion Rgeneration Movement.
· Lesson VII: Revolts of 1857
· Lesson VIII: Nationalisms.
· Lesson IX: Communal Politics & Partitions
· Lesson X: India 1947 to 1950

Branch 2 Theme 5 : The ascending of Modern West (Middle 15th to Middle 18th Cs) Theme 6 : History of Modern Europe Theme 7 : History of China & Japan c. A.D. 1839 to1949
· Lesson 1: China
· Lesson II: Japan
Theme 8: The creation of the modern-day World
· Sections 1: effect of the 2nd World-War on the global systems
· Sections II: The New-World Systems
· Sections III: From bi-polarisms to Uni-polarisms

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