Basic English Speaking Course

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Typology Course
Methodology Online
Duration 1 Day
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    1 Day

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Course programme

This program consists of various subjects like:

Chapter one: Core of Eng Comm.
About Comm.

Intro Language & Eng
What is Comm
Kinds & Mode of Comm
Equipments for Comm
Barrier to Com
Com style
Lesson synopsis

Chapter Two: Fundamentals of Comm

Part of Speech
Gender estimation
Punctuation estimation
Vocabulary estimation
Miss pelt Words estimation
Redundant Word estimation
Idiom & Phrase Verb estimation
Prefix & Suffix estimation
Antonym & Synonym estimation
Lesson synopsis

Unit 2: Technique of Eng Com
Lesson 1: Speaker Kit Phonetic evaluation

Intonation estimation
Words Stress estimation Tags
Queries estimation
Lesson synopsis

Lesson 2: Situation knowledge

Speech protocol
systematize Your Speeches
Thinks previous to Speak Speaks
Audibly and Clearly
Correct Words procedure
Talk with an unbiased inflection
Correct employ of Proverb &
One liner
Lesson synopsis

Chapter Three: Listener Guidebooks

Listen cautiously
Reads Between the Line
Drawback of discriminating
Listen realize & Write it Down
Empathize & Act virtually
Lesson synopsis estimation

Chapter Four: Writer glory

Passage script evaluation
Condense script evaluation
Association script evaluation
Chats & Emoticon evaluation
Lesson synopsis

Unit Three: Graceful Comm
Lesson 1: Manners Define

Manners Personal & relaxed
custom Business manners
Social & Grouped manners
Dining manners phone
Custom College manners Party
Manners Gift manners
Internet custom Lesson synopsis

Lesson 2: Icebreaker

What is Icebreaker
Example of Icebreaker
Do and Don't of Icebreaker
Lesson synopsis

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