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What you'll learn on the course

Graphic Designer

Course programme

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  • Become a Professional Graphic Designer
    • 01 - Introduction to Graphic Design
      • 1.1 Introduction to Graphic Design
      • 1.2 What Is Graphic Design?
      • 1.3 Can Only Skilled Artists Be Good Graphic Designers?
      • 1.4 Areas Of Graphic Design To Explore
    • 02 - Visual Communication Fundamentals
      • 2.1 Visual Communication Fundamentals
      • 2.2 Organizing Information
      • 2.3 Using Alignment To Your Advantage
      • 2.4 Setting The Design's Rhythm
      • 2.5 Letting A Design Breathe With Whitespace
      • 2.6 Creating Visual Interest With Contrast
      • 2.7 Designs That Work And Don't Work
    • 03 - Building Successful Layouts
      • 3.1 Building Successful Layouts
      • 3.2 The Terminology Of Type
      • 3.3 Typeface Styles and Resources
      • 3.4 Choosing A Typeface Hierarchy
      • 3.5 Understanding Colour's Psychological Impact
      • 3.6 Building Your Design's Colour Palette
      • 3.7 Understanding Colour Spaces
      • 3.8 Sourcing Imagery For Your Layouts
      • 3.9 Raster vs Vector Graphics
    • 04 - The Tools To Put It All Together
      • 4.1 The Tools To Put It All Together
      • 4.2 Alternatives To Standard Industry Tools
      • 4.3 Web Design Tools and Software
      • 4.4 HTML and CSS:Is It Really Rocket Science
    • 05 - Starting A Career As a Graphic Designer
      • 5.1 Starting A Career As a Graphic Designer
      • 5.2 Getting Started And How To Land Work
      • 5.3 Joining The Design Community
      • 5.4 Finding Continued Inspiration
      • 5.5 Wrapping Up

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  • What is the course all about?

    This beginner level course is custom made for those who are relatively new to the field of graphic design. This course provides a better understanding of the skills and tools necessary for a career in graphic design and prepares participants for various jobs in the graphic design field.

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