A 3 Hour Practical and Interactive Workshop

Bioenergy Workout

IAC - International Academy of Consciousness
In London (England)

£ 35 - (Rs 2,874)

Important information

  • Short course
  • London (England)
  • 3 hours of class
  • Duration:
    1 Day
  • When:

The Bioenergy Workout is a practical and informative 3-hour practical workshop during which students perform a series of diverse exercises (also know as chi or chakra energy exercises) to learn how bio energy works.

Mastering our personal energies is one of the keys to maintaining equilibrium, becoming more self-aware, identifying and overcoming emotional imbalances, maintaining psychic self-defence, unlocking our potential, and developing our parapsychism.

During the workout, an experienced instructor will first guide students through a series of foundational exercises, gradually adding more complex ones as the class progresses.

Students learn to move, absorb, and donate energies, and apply techniques to develop their sensitivity and perceptions, including a clairvoyance exercise.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

The main objective of this course is to learn how to master our personal bioenergies and to apply this skill in order to reach a point of equilibrium in various aspects of everyday life.

Is this course for me?

Absolutely EVERYONE! No prior knowledge is required and the course is open to anyone interested in the skills developed during the workshop.

Early bird discount: If you register for this course 24hr prior to its commencement, you get a £15 discount: £35 instead of £50.


Where and when

Starts Location
60 Tottenham Court Road, W1T 2EW, London, England
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What you'll learn on the course

Holistic therapy
Anatomy and Physiology
Energy Healing
Self Defence
Spiritual Healing
Alternative Medicine
Bioenergy Workout

Course programme

  • How to clean your energetic field and unblocking energy in the body.
  • To apply the most effective energetic self-defence technique known.
  • Details about the different kinds of energy that exist and how does bioenergy work.
  • To identify your personal energetic psychic signals.
  • Energy boosting exercises
  • Self-defense and energy work exercises
  • To perceive your personal energies.

Monthly at our Educational Centre in London

The bioenergy workout takes place in a classroom in our Educational Centre in London (Tottenham Court Rd, click here for a map) and takes place one per month. Visit our What’s On page to find out when the next class takes place.