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Business and Marketing English

Bournemouth School of Marketing International

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The Business and Marketing English classes bring together many different professionals from all corners of the world. We reflect your individual business backgrounds and experience in our teaching by adapting case studies, skills and vocabulary to suit you.

Whether you are a professional with many years of experience, or just starting in the industry, the Business and Marketing English course with Bournemouth School of Marketing International will provide informative, challenging and enjoyable lessons.

Important information
What are the course objectives?

The course is industry driven, tailored to align with the needs of businesses in the modern workplace by incorporating real-life case studies. This will be achieved by professional scenario training alongside theoretical learning. Students will benefit from expert tuition delivered by experienced teachers, many of whom are former qualified, professionals themselves.

Students will also benefit from regular assessment of course content to allow for opportunities to review the content covered. Our dedicated teachers will also give one-to-one tutorials in which you can discuss progress and learning techniques.

Is this course for me?

This course is designed for students within or looking to join a business and marketing related role. Students who have background knowledge of the sector through relevant work experience or previous study will have an advantage over those who are new to the sector, but we are willing to consider all students on a case-by-case basis.

This course is intended for students looking to develop key skills in a general business-related role, including; sales, marketing, administration, economics, finance and management.

Requirements: The Business and Marketing English course is open to students who have relevant work experience in marketing and/or come from an academic background of business or marketing. However, students with no formal qualifications or experience in the sector will be considered on a case-by-case basis. English language requirements: Students on this course will need to demonstrate a level of English equivalent to CEFR B1 / IELTS 4.0 to enter. Students demonstrating a lower level of English will be given full support in meeting the required entry requirements.


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What you'll learn on the course

English Language
Business English
Advanced English
English Conversation
Business Administration
Intermediate English
Marketing English
Finance English

Course programme

The topics that will be covered during lessons are:

• Chairing and contributing to meetings
• Giving presentations
• Describing data in graphs and tables
• Negotiations
• Writing e-mails, letters and reports which are appropriate to business
• Maintaining customer relations / customer service
• Business administration
• Management and leadership
• Finance / accounting
• Using social media for business

Students will also be given the opportunity to incorporate elements from our other courses (finance, customer service, creative media, business administration, and management and leadership) into optional module lessons.

Fees Business and Marketing English (BM20)
• 15 Hours Per Week
• 20 Lessons Per Week
• 4-12 Weeks: £150 per week
• 12-24 Weeks: £140 per week

Intensive Business and Marketing English (BM25)
• 20 Hours Per Week
• 25 Lessons Per Week
• 4-12 Weeks: £200 per week
• 12-24 Weeks: £190 per week

Intensive+ Business and Marketing English (BM30)
• 25 Hours Per Week
• 30 Lessons Per Week
• 4-12 Weeks: £250 per week
• 12-24 Weeks: £240 per week

School enrolment: £60
Resources fee: £40