Business Statistics I

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    4 Months
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This Course Provides introduction to business statistics and it Includes methods of describing, summarizing, graphically presenting, measuring and analyzing statistical data, probability distributions, covariance applications, sampling distributions and control charts.

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The Objective of this course is to enable understudies to process data, using simple graphical techniques. And to Evaluate a range of sample statistics for univariate data, including mean, standard deviation, and percentiles. It Evaluates and interpret a linear relationship between two variables and Implement a range of hypothesis tests, and use these to draw conclusions about population parameters from sample data.
This is a short term course with the Contents are Data Analysis, Probability, Random Variables and Discrete Distributions, Continuous Probability Distributions, Sampling Distributions, Point and Interval Estimation. This Course helps to understand the Students about the Introduction to statistics which are useful in business research and practice. It helps the Students to Evaluate and interpret a linear relationship between two variables. After Completion of this Course student will be abled to go to the next level with full Knowledge of Business Statistics1.