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Important information

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Cisco Certification path and intorduction.
Ccna Syllubus.
Transmission Media.
Ethernet Devices.
Host to host layer protocol.
TCP/ UDP protocols.
IP Addressing
Binary Conversion.
IP classes, subnet mask
Subneting Basic.
Route Summarization.
Router Configuration
Internal Components
Router Interfaces
Configuration Sources
System Startup
Router Modes
Loading IOS Software
Loading Configuration Files
Manual Configuration
Setup Mode Configuration
Examining the Router Status
Managing configuration environment
Image Backup Operation
The difference between routing & routed protocols
Understanding the IP Packets
Introducing routing with understanding of IGP & EGP Protocols
Understanding Administrative Distance.
Understanding & Configuring Static & Default Routes.
Trouble shooting Static Routes.
Understanding Path determination graphics.
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Routing Concepts
Distance Vector Routing Concepts.
Understanding Distance Vector Topology.
Router Metric Components.
Understanding the different versions of RIP
Understanding the different types of problems in RIP
Open Shortest Path First
Understanding OSPF Routing Protocol
Differentiating OSPF & RIP
Understanding different terminology used in
Establishing Bi-directional communication
Discovering Network Routes
Adding the link state table
Maintaining Routing Information by OSPF
Configuring OSPF in Single Area
Verifying OSPF Operation
Electing procedure for DR & BDR
Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
Introduction to EIGRP
Configuring EIGRP
Load Balancing with EIGRP
Monitoring EIGRP
LAN Switching.
Layer 2 switching.
Switching services.
Spannig tree protocol.
STP operation.
STP port status.
Basic configuration.
Port security.
Rapid spannig tree protocol.
Virtual LANs (VLANs)
Understanding VLAN
Setting up VLAN Implementation
VLAN Communication
Configuring VLAN
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Verifying VLAN
Understanding VLAN Trunk
Implementating VLAN Trunk Protocol
VTP Protocol Features
Understanding VTP Terminologies
Configuring VTP Server
Verifying VTP Configuration
Static Nat configuration.
Dynamic NAT configuration.
Port address translation.
PAT configuration.
Security Part-1
Understanding ACL
Reason to create ACL
Understanding ACL filter traffic
How ACL work
Creating ACL
ACL Commands
Basic rules of ACL
Understanding the concept of wild card mask
Understanding Standard & Extended ACL
Permit & Denying Single Host & Network
Extended ACL
Permit & Deny Source or Destination Network
Deny Protocol
Deny Web Surfing
17 Wide area Network
Introduction to WAN technology.
WAN devices
Point-to-point Protocol. (PPP)
Introduction to FR.
FR encapsulation types
Frame relay configuration.
Cisco discovery protocol.
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Telnet users
Resolving hostnames
Security Device Manager.
SDM installation and Management.
Internet Protocol Version 6
Benifits and Uses of IPv6.
IPv6 addressing and Expressions.
IPv6 routing protocol
Migrating to IPv6.

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