Certificate course in Basic Korean Level I

Christ University
In Bangalore

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Important information

  • Certificate
  • Bangalore
  • 45 hours of class

Important information

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Christ University, Hosur Road, 560029, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Certificate course in Basic Korean Level I

Course Content:

Module I: Introductory Lessons

Unit 1:
Recognition and Identification of Vowels and Consonants Reading and Writing of syllables and short words.

Module II: Preparatory Lessons

Unit 1
Introductions, Introducing another person Grammar: To be (am, is, are) / Who
Cultural Components: What’s in a Korean name?

Unit 2:
Asking the name of things,Asking about possessions Grammar: This (thing) / That (thing) / What is this? Cultural Components: Hanbok (Korean Traditional Dress)

Unit 3:

Ordering in a cafeteria,Buying things in a stationery store Grammar: To have / Korean numbers / How many things Cultural Components: Calling names

Unit 4:
Talking about the location of a person,Talking about the location of a building Grammar: Subject maker / Marker: at, in (place) / where Cultural Components Components: Guide to

Module III: Core Lessons

Unit 1:

Asking for a telephone number, Making a phone call, Inquiring by telephone Reading & Speaking: Knowing a person’s birthday Listening & Speaking: Inquiring about the price of an airplane ticket Grammar: Sino-Korean numbers / How much is it? / What number / Which number / What date / Which date Cultural Components Components: Important phone numbers in.

Unit 2:
Talking about daily routines Reading & Speaking: Finding out about an afternoon plan Listening & Speaking: Inquiring where someone is going Grammar: Sentence ending o informal polite style – Present Tense / what time / Maker (what number / Which number) / What are you doing? / Maker (to someplace) / Maker with noun Cultural Components Components: How old are you?

Unit 3:
Talking about daily life,Talking about plans for the week Reading & Speaking: Inquiring about plans for the week Listening & Speaking: Making an appointment Grammar: Sentence ending of informal polite style / Object maker / Maker (at, in) Cultural Components: Subways in.

Unit 4:
Talking about past events Reading & Speaking: Preparing for a party and writing invitation cards Listening & Speaking: Role play of confusion of place or time Grammar: Pre-sentence ending of the past tense / Not / Maker (also, too) / Irregular verbs / Adjectives Cultural Components: Shinchon and Sogan University

Unit 5:
Talking about the location of an object,Talking about the location of a building Giving the reason for going somewhere Reading & Speaking: Giving the reason for going somewhere Listening & Speaking: Giving directions using a sketch map Grammar: Words for location / Maker (and) / go to / come to Cultural Components Components: A historical and cultural tour of Seoul

Unit 6:
Asking how to use public transportation,Asking how long public transportation takes Reading & Speaking: Inquiring how to get to school Listening & Speaking: Finding out one’s favourite transportation Grammar: How / Maker (by means of) / Maker (from, to) / Please do (something) / Sentence ending of formal polite style Cultural Components Components: Buses only.

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