Certificate course on Microcontroller

Christ University
In Bangalore

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  • Certificate
  • Bangalore

Important information

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Christ University, Hosur Road, 560029, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Certificate course on Microcontroller

Course Content:

Unit I
Introduction: Introduction to Micro controllers and Embedded processors, Overview of the 8051 family, 8051 Assembly Language Programming: Introduction to 8051 Assembly Programming, Data types and Directives, 8051 Flag bits and PSW register, 8051 Register Bank & stack.

Unit II
Instructions and programming. Address modes, JUMP, CALL and LOOP instructions, Arithmetic Instructions and Programming, Logical Instruction and Programming, Single bit instruction & Programming I/O Port Programming: Pin description of 8051, I/O programming: Bit manipulation
8051 Addressing modes: Immediate and Register Addressing modes, Accessing memory using various addressing modes

Unit III
Arithmetic Instructions and programs: Unsigned addition and subtraction, unsigned multiplication and division, signed number concepts and arithmetic operations Logic Instructions and programs:
Logic and compare instruction, Rotate and Swap Instructions, BCD and ASCII application program.

Unit IV
Single bit Instructions and Programming: Single bit Instruction programming, Single bit Instruction operation with CY, Leading input Pins vs Port Latch. Timer/Counter Programming in the 8051 Programming 8051 Timers, Counter Programming.

Unit V
8051 Serial Communication Basics of serial communication, 8051 connection to RS232, 8051 serial communication programming, Real world Interfacing Interfacing: LCD, ADC and sensors, stepper motor, keyboard, DAC, Interfacing to external memory.

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