Certificate Course in Photonics

Manipal University
In Manipal

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Important information

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manipal.edu, Manipal 576104, 576104, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Laser Basics:

Introduction to Lasers
Laser fundamentals
Basic construction of laser
Unique properties of laser beam
Continuous Wave and Pulsed Lasers
Q-Switching and Mode locking
Power/Energy measurements

Types of Lasers

Gas Lasers
Solid state Lasers
Metal Vapour Lasers
Excimer Lasers
Dye Lasers
Semiconductor Lasers
Ultra-fast lasers

Lab session

Introduction to Lasers
Laser Hard wares
Types of Lasers

Laser-Matter interactions and safety regulations


Laser matter interaction; linear and nonlinear
Absorption and emission of light by matter
Refraction and reflection of light
Scattering of light: Elastic and In-elastic
Ablation of matter by intense laser beam
Penetration depths
Laser-Tissue interactions
Radiative and Non-radiative

Laser Hazards and Safety
Laser radiation hazards
Electrical, Chemical, Fire Hazards
Hazard Controls
Standard Laser Operating Procedures
Laser Classification (Class I-IV)
Eye protection
Maximum permissible exposure
Skin - Maximum permissible exposure

Lab session

Introduction: Laser matter interactions
Laser Hazards & Safety
Laser handling

Laser Applications:


Laser based techniques
Laser Spectroscopy: Biomedical applications
Analytical applications: Ultra trace detection of molecules
Microscopy: Fluorescence imaging
Laser interferometers: In basic and applied research
Optical tweezers and Flow Cytometres

Industrial applications
Precision Material Processing
Optical communications
Laser based sensors and photonic devices
Quality control

Medical applications
Medical Devices
Medical diagnosis
Lasers in surgery
Laser based treatments

Lab session

Laser based techniques
Industrial applications
Medical applications

Achievements for this centre

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