Certificate Programme in Enzyme Technology

Bharathidasan University
In Tiruchirappalli

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Bharathidasan University.Palkalaiperur, Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Bharathidasan University.Palkalaiperur, Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Paper - I
Unit I
Definition, Nomenclature, Classification of Enzymes - Properties, Enzymes as
biological Catalyst.
Unit II
Enzyme activity - Specificity of Enzymes - Units of Enzyme Activity, Turnover
number, Factors influencing Enzyme activity, Michaelis Menten Equation.
Unit III
Mechanism of Enzyme action, active side, Lock and Key Hypothesis, Induced fit
Hypothesis, Enzyme - Substrate Complex.
Unit IV
Coenzymes - NAD, NADP, FAD, PLP, TPP.
Unit V
Allosterie Enzyme - Phosphofructokinase - Multi Enzyme Complex - Pyruvate
dehydrogenase complex, Isoenzymes - Lactate dehydrogenase.
Paper II- Techniques in Enzymes
Unit I
Homogenization and Cell fractionation - Centrifuges - Principle and
Instrumentation - Ultracentrifuge (Preparative).
Unit II
Electrophoresis - Principles, Methods, Instrumentation and Application - Agarose
gel, PAGE, Cellulose acetate electrophoresis.
Unit III
Chromatography : Principle, Methods and Applications of Affinity
Chromatography Column, High Performance liquid Chromatography.
Unit IV
Spectroscopy : Colorimetry - beer - Lambert's Law - Spectrophotometer -
Absorption spectra - Principles and Instrumentation, Applications.
Unit V
Immobilifed Enzymes - Methods, Principle and Instrumentation and application.
Industrial applications of Enzymes - Amylase, Lipase. Clinical importance of
Enzymes - LDH, Creatine kinase, Aspartate transaminase, Alanine transaminase,
Alkaline and acid phosphatase.
Paper III
Practical - Enzyme Technology
1. Isolation of Enzymes - Differential Centrifugation
2. Separation of Enzymes - SDS PAGE
3. Purification of Enzymes - Colomn Chromatography
4. Estimation of Alkaline Phosphatase, Acid Phosphatase.
5. Estimation of SGOT, SGPT.
6. Estimation of LDH.

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