Certificate in Web Designing:Adobe Photoshop CS3

COMPUFIELD® Computer Institute
In Mumbai

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Important information


Important information

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OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
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On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Adobe Photoshop CS2 software, the professional image-editing standard and leader of the digital imaging line, delivers more of what you crave. Groundbreaking creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. Unprecedented adaptability lets you custom-fit Photoshop to the way you work. And with more efficient editing, processing, and file handling, there's no slowing you down.

Web Layouts designing using Enhanced Web Photo Galleries
Retouch, manipulate & enhance camera photographs
Instantly neutralize red eyes with the one-click red-eye correction tool which supports 16-bit images and lets you set pupil size and darkening level.
It has been used to edit and create images as diverse as Commercial Art, Cosmetic ads, New Photos, Motion picture footage, Animation cells & Fine Art work.
Creates original Art & converts it to desired Platforms.
Design videos for broadcast.

Course Content:

PHASE I : Online Courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing

1) Interface
The Welcome Screen
Color Spaces
Document Window
The Toolbox

Options Bar
Getting Assitance

2) File Menu
a) New
b) Open
c) Close
d) Close All
e) Save As
f) Save

3) Tool Bar
a) Rectangle Marquee Tool
b) Ellipitical Marquee Tool
c) Move Tool
d) Default color
e) Recover File
f) Zoom Tool
g) Hand Tool
h) Lasso Tool
i) Edit Lasso Tool
j) Polygon Tool
1) Edit Polygon Tool
k) Crop Tool
l) Deselect the Selection
m) Magic wand Tool
n) Move selection
o) Copy Using Move Tool
p) Perfect Rectangle & circle

4) Edit Menu
a) Free Transform
b) Transform
i Scale
ii Rotate
iii Skew
iv Distort
v Perspective
vi Wrap
vii Rotate 180°
viii Rotate 90° cw
ix Rotate 180° ccw
x Flip Horizontal
xi Flip Vertical

5) Select Menu
a) Color Range

PHASE II : Online training / tutorials for Photoshop, Online Graphics Designing

6) Drawing and Painting Tools
a) Brush Tool
b) Air-Brush Tool
c) Pencil Tool
d) Eraser Tool
e) PaintBucket Tool
f) Gradient Tool
g) Smudge Tool
h) Define Brush
i) Load Brush
j) Create a new Layer
k) Delete Layer

PHASE - III: E-learning correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing E-Learning.

7) Layers
a) Rename a Layer
b) Position the Layers
c) Layer Opacity
d) Draging Layer
e) Link Layers
f) Invisible Layers
g) Merge visible layers
h) Flatten image.
i) Edit Gradient colors
j) Swatches Palette
k) Eraser Tool

PHASE IV : Training in Photoshop, Online Courses in Photoshop, Editing Images, Online Training for Graphics Designing

8) Image and Text Editing.
a) Image Size
b) Different Modes for filling colors
i Color Mode
ii Multiply Mode
iii Screen Mode
iv Opacity of color
v Save selection
vi Load selection
vii Fill gradient
viii Merge Down
ix Strokes/outlines
x Rasterize the shapes
xi Canvas Size
xii Type Tool
xiii Vertical Type Tool
xiv Type Mask Tool
xv Adjustments - Brightness/contrast

PHASE V: Courses in Photoshop Online Training, Graphics Designing, Online Training.

9) Channel Palette and Mask Mode options
a) Standard Mode
b) Quick Mask Mode
c) Channel Palette
d) Load a channel as a selection
e) Adjustments
a) Auto levels
f) Inverse Selection
g) Filters

PHASE VI : Correspondence courses in Photoshop, Graphics Designing, Learn.

10) Feathers
a) Feathers
b) Add Revelal Selection
c) Rulers
d) Clipping Mask
e) Adjustment - Hue/Saturation
f) Color Balance

11) Drawing & Editing Paths
a) Path
b) Pen tool
c) Convert to curve
d) Filter - Neon Glow
f) Clone Stamp
g) Adjustment - Replace color

Achievements for this centre

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