Checkpoint - CCSE Plus NGX (Management III)

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Start Bangalore
Duration 4 Days
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    4 Days

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H.O: # 130, 1st Floor, Dr. Rajkumar Road, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, , 560010, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
H.O: # 130, 1st Floor, Dr. Rajkumar Road, 1st Block, Rajajinagar, , 560010, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Checkpoint - CCSE Plus NGX (Management III)

Check Point Security Administration NGX III offers comprehensive training to enhance enterprise knowledge of VPN-1 NGX, network planning, route-based VPN, and troubleshooting procedures.

Audience :

System administrators, security managers, or network engineers implementing VPN-1 NGX in an enterprise setting.

Course Contents :

General troubleshooting methods:

* Troubleshooting Guidelines.
* Collecting Related Information.
* What to Check before Installing VPN-1 NGX.
* IP Forwarding & Boot Security.
* SIC and ICA issues.
* Debugging SIC Maintaining SIC.
* Client-Side Destination NAT.
* Debugging NAT.
* Rule base and NAT issues.
* Anti-spoofing issues.

File Management:

* Overview cpinfo File.
* InfoView.
* Opening SmartDashboard in InfoView.
* Objects_5_0.C and objects.C.
* Using DbEdit.
* GuiDBedit.
* Modifying *.def Files.
* Troubleshooting Logging Issues.
* Maintaining Logs and Log-Buffer Queue.

Protocol Analyzers:

* tcpdump and Expressions.
* Using tcpdump.
* Viewing tcpdump output.
* Reading snoop Output.
* Snoop and Security.
* fw monitor Syntax.
* INSPECT Virtual Machine.
* Filer Expressions.
* fw ctl Chain.
* Using Ethera.l
* Viewing Connections Dropped by Kernel.
* Using Filters with Ethereal.

NGX Debugging Tools:

* fw ctl Debug.
* fw ctl kdebug.
* Kernel Modules.
* fw ctl debug Flags.
* Debugging fwd/fwm.
* fwd/fwm Debug switches.
* Debugging without Restarting fwd/fwm.
* Debugging Restarting fwd/fwm.

fw Advanced Commands:

* fw tab Options.
* Table Attributes.
* fw tab Examples.
* fw ctl commands.
* Other fw Commands.
* fw advanced Commands.
* fwm commands.
* fwm debexportcomfwm dbimport.
* fw lock_admin.

Security Servers:

* The folding process.
* Folding - Process Example.
* Content - Security Rule Order.
* Security Server Default Messages.
* Troubleshooting Security Server Issues.
* Reviewing CPU and Memory Editing fwauthd.conf.
* Debugging Security Servers.
* Multiple Security Server Troubleshooting.

VPN Debugging Tools:

* IKE Basis.
* Phase 1 and Phase 2.
* Encryption Issue.
* VPN Debugging Tools.
* vpn debug command.
* vpn command.
* Comparing SAs.
* Troubleshooting Tables.

Troubleshooting and Debugging:


* Ports used through the tunnel.
* Packet Flow when Creating a Site.
* Packet Flow when Connecting/Resolving Gateway IP.
* Packet Flow when Connecting/IKE Negotiation.
* Packet Flow when Connecting/Encrypting Data.
* Link Selection for Remote Access Overview.
* Link-Selection for Remote Access Overview.
* Link-Selecting for Remote Access Overview.
* Link-Selection for Methods in VPN-1 NGX.
* SecuRemote/SecureClient Debugging tools.
* Enhanced Debugging Tool.

Advanced VPN:

* Route-Based VPN.
* Domain-Based VPN.
* VPN Tunnel Interface.
* VPN Routing Process.
* Numbered/Unnumbered VTIs.
* Configuring Numbered VITs.
* Configuring unnumbered VITs.
* Dynamic VPN Routing.
* Configuring Dynamic VPN routing Using OSPF.
* How Wire Mode Works.
* Wire Mode in Route-Based VPN.
* Directional VPN Rule Match.
* Tunnel Management.
* Permanent Tunnels.
* Tunnel-Management Configuration.
* VPN Tunnel Sharing Configuration.


* Configuration Recommendations.
* Recommendations for ClusterXL.
* Recommendations for State Synchronization.
* Troubleshooting ClusterXL.
* Kernel Flags.

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