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Child counselling is a rewarding field that welcomes new and fresh faces to help guide children into adulthood. Children are often forced to endure trauma, disorders, addictions, and abuse; things that even adults have trouble dealing with. Children who are dealing with these problems need patient, helpful, and kind individuals like you to help them get through the tough times they are facing. Whether you are currently working in a career and want to try something new, or you are looking to begin your first career, our online Child Counselling course will get you started. Do you:

enjoy working with people?
want to help children?
want to feel fulfilled in your career?
have an interest in child psychology?
have the patience, kindness, and warm heart to make a difference?

Important information
What are the course objectives?

If any or all of these descriptions match you, than our online Child Counselling course is exactly what you need to get started on your new career. We will give you the background that you need to make a real difference in children’s lives. In our course, you will learn about:

How to develop relationships with children.
Psychology, and how it can help you help children
How children develop, and the behaviours that might indicate a need for counselling
How children learn, acquire language, and form memories
How to help children deal with grief and/or bereavement
How to help children handle bullies or stop bullying
These basics will set you up for a new career in child counselling.


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What you'll learn on the course

Child Psychology
IT for adults
Child Psychology

Course programme

Module 1: Introduction to child counselling What is counselling? Working as a child counsellor Forming a relationship Protecting children and anonymity

Module 2: Working with children Interacting with children Handling difficult issues Counselling and teaching methods Proper questioning Working with parents and adults around the child

Module 3: Child psychology and how it can help you Educational psychology Behavioural psychology Developmental psychology How to use psychology basics to help children Limitations of psychology

Module 4: Child development Newborn children Infant children Toddler children Preschool aged children School aged children Adolescent children

Module 5: Child behaviour Attitude Physical problems Compulsions Concentration, attention and sleep problems Violence Disrespect Criminal behaviour Self harm

Module 6: Child memory and language acquisition Processing Categorization Distortion Linguistics Speech

Module 7: How children learn Self esteem Social development Cultural understanding Communication Creativity Thinking Learning styles

Module 8: Dysfunctional family environments Abuse Neglect Addiction and compulsion Exploitation Controlling parents

Module 9: Helping children handle grief Expressions of grief Understanding death Helping children cope Moving on Grief related disorders, compulsions, and behaviours

Module 10: Bullies and the bullied Types of bullying Psychology of bullying Coping strategies Counselling bullies Peer pressure