Cisco Certified Network Associate Course

Panacea Internetwork (P) Ltd.
In Bangalore

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Important information

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  • Bangalore

Important information

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Opposite to St.Patrick's Church, Residency Road, 560025, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Layered Models
- OSI Reference Mode.
- Application Layer, Presentation Layer.
- Session Layer, Transport Layer.
- Network Layer, Data link Layer, Physical Layer.
- Cisco Three-Layer Model.
- Introduction to TCP/IP.
- Transport Layer Protocols (TCP, UDP).
- Internet Layer Protocols (IP, ICMP, ARP).
IP V4&V6 Addressing
- IP Addressing Classes.
- Subnet Masks and Sub netting.
- Complex Subnet & Super netting.
- Determining Broadcast & Network Address.
- Ipv6 addressing and configuration
Configuring a Router
- Starting up with a Router and Switch.
- Booting a Router and setup mode.
- The Command-line Interface.
- Passwords and Line Console Commands.
- Interface Configuration setting.
- Verifying & Debugging the Configuration.
Building a Network
- Configuring a Router and Switch.
- Verifying Configuration and Duplex Settings.
- Continued Router Configuration.
- Continued Switch Configuration.

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