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Cisco Certified Network Professional Course

Building Scalable Cisco Internet
(BSCI 642-901)

* Explain the functions and operations of EIGRP (e.g., DUAL).
* Configure EIGRP routing. (e.g., Stub Routing, authentication, etc).
* Verify or troubleshoot and operations of militaries .
* explain the functions and operations of millimeters OSPF.
* Configure multiarea OSPF routing. (e.g., Stub, Total stub, NSSA, authentication, etc.)
* Verify or troubleshoot multiarea OSPF routing configurations.
* Describe the features and benefits of integrated IS-IS.
* Configure and verify integrated IS-IS.
* Describe, configure or verify route redistribution between IP routing IGPs
* Describe, configure or verify route filtering (i.e., distribute-lists and passive interfaces).
* Describe and configure DHCP services (e.g., Server, Client, IP helper address, etc.).
* Describe the functions and operations of BGP
* Configure or verity BGP operation in a non-transit AS Path, Weight or MED attributes).
* Describe IP Multicast (e.g., Layer-3 to Layer-2 mapping IGMP, etc.).
* Describe, configure, or verify IP multicast routing (i.e., PIM Sparse-Dense Mode).
* Describe IPv6 addressing operations.
* Describe IPv6 interoperations with IPv4.
* Describe, configure or verify OSPF routing with IPv6 addressing.

Cisco ONT Optimizing Converged
Cisco Network (ONT 642-845)

* Describe the functions and operations of a VoIP network (e.g., packetization, bandwidth considerations, CAC, etc.)
* Describe and identify basic voice components in an enterprise network (e.g. Gatekeepers, Gateways, etc.)
* Explain the necessity of QoS in converged networks (e.g., Bandwidth, delay, loss, etc.)
* Describe strategies for QoS implementations (e.g. QoS Policy, QoS Models, etc.)
* Describe classification and marking (e.g., CoS, ToS, IP Precedence, DCSP, etc.)
* Describe and configure NBAR for classification
* Explain congestion management and avoidance mechanisms (e.g., FIFO, PQ, WRR, WRED, etc.)
* Describe traffic policing and traffic shaping (i.e., traffic Conditioners).
* Describe Control Plane Policing
* Describe WAN link efficiency mechanisms (e.g., Payload/Header Compression, MLP with interleaving, etc.)
* Describe and configure QoS Pre-Classify
* Explain the functions and operations of Auto QoS
* Describe the SDM QoS Wizard
* Configure, verify, and troubleshoots AutoQos implementations (i.e., MQC)
* Describe and Configure wireless security on Cisco and APs (e.g., SSID, WEP, LEAP, etc.)
* Describe basic wireless management (e.g., WLSE and WCS).
* Configure and verify basic WCS configuration (i.e., login, add/review controller/AP status, security & import/review/ maps)
* Describe and configure WLAN QoS

Building Cisco Multilayer Switched
Networks (BCMSN 642-811)

* Explain the functions of VLANs in hierarchical network.
* Configure VLANs (e.g., Native, Default, Static and Access).
* Explain and configure VLAN trunking (i.e., IEEE 802. 1Q and ISL).
* Explain and configure VTP.
* Verify or troubleshoot VLAN configurations.
* Explain the functions and operations of the Spanning Tree
* Protocols (i.e., RSTP, PVRST, and MISTP.)
* Describe and configure STP security mechanisms (i.e., BPDU
* Guard., BPDU Filtering, and Root Guard).
* Configure and Verify UDLD and Loop Guard.,
* Verify or troubleshoot Spanning Tree protocol operations.
* Configure and verify link aggregation using PAgP or LACP.
* Explain and configure Inter-VLAN routing (i.e., SVI and routed ports).
* Explain and enable CIF operation.
* Verify or troubleshoot Inter VLAN routing configurations.
* Explain the functions and operations of gateway redundancy protocols (i.e., HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP).
* Configure HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP.
* Verify High Availability configurations.
* Describe the components and operation of WLAN topologies (i.e., AP and Bridge).
* Describe the features of Client Devices, Network Unification, and Mobility Platforms (i.e., CCX, LWAP).
* Configure a wireless client (i.e., ADU).
* Describe common Layer 2 network attacks (e.g., MAC Flooding,
* Rogue Devices, VLAN Hopping, DHCP Spoofing, etc.)
* Explain and configure Port Security, 802.1x, VACLs, Private VLANs, DHCP Snooping, and DAI.
* Verify Catalyst switch (IOS-based) security configurations (i.e., Port Security, 802.1 xs, VACLS, Private VLANs, DHCP Snooping, and DAI).
* Describe the characteristics of voice in the campus network.
* Describe the functions of Voice VLANs and trust boundaries.
* Configure and verify basic IP Phone support (i.e., Voice VLAN,
* Trust and CoS options, Auto QoS for voice)

Cisco Implementing Secure Converged
Wide Area Networks (ISCW 642-825)

* Describe Cable (HFC) technologies
* Describe x DSL technologies
* Configure ADSL (i.e., PPPoE or PPPoA)
* Verify basic teleworker configurations
* Describe the components and operation of Frame-Mode MPSL
(e.g., packet-based MPLS VPNs)
* Configure and verify Frame-Mode MPSL
* Describe the components and operations of IPSec VPNs and GRE Tunnels
* Configure a site-to-site IPS EC VPN/GRE Tunnel with SDM (i.e., Preshared key)
* Verify IPSec/GRF Tunnel configurations (i.e., IOS CLI Configurations)
* Describe, configure, and verify VPN backup interfaces
* Describe and configure Cisco Easy VPN solutions using SDM
* Describe and configure Cisco Easy VPN solutions using SDM
* Describe and mitigate Worm, Virus, and Trojan Horse attacks
* Describe and mitigate application-layer attacks (e.g., management protocols)
* Describe, Configure, and verify Auto Secure/One-Step Lockdown Implementations (i.e., CLI and SDM)
* Describe, configure, and verify AAA for Cisco Routers
* Describe and configure threat and attack mitigation using ACLs
* Describe and configure IOS secure management features (e.g., Stateful Firewall, CBAC, etc.)
* Configure Cisco IOS Firewall with SDM
* Verify Cisco IOS Firewall configurations (i.e., IOS CLI configurations, SDM Monitor)
* Describe the functions and operations of IDS and IPS system
* Configure Cisco IOS IPS using SDM

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