Core .NET Concepts Program

DUCC Systens Pvt. Ltd.
In New Delhi

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Important information

  • Course
  • New delhi
  • Duration:
    1 Day

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
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New Delhi
411, Jyoti Sikhar Building, Janakpuri District Center, 110058, Delhi, India
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Course programme

Preface to .NET
* Uses of .net
* DNA Architecture
1 Tier
2 Tier
3 Tier
N Tier


* C.L.R. structural design plus services
* The .NET (I.L.)
* All in time (J.I.T.) compiling plus C.L.S.
* Disassemble .NET applications to I.L.
* Stringent kind monitoring

Syntax plus Data Type

* Language Rudiment
* Data kind plus Control Plan
* Value plus Reference Data Kind
* Declaring plus Initializing
* C.T.S. Kind
* Conditional Operator
* C# Kind
* Loop Syntax
* Arrays
* Plan

O.O.P. Fundamentals

* Sessions
o Encapsulate attribute
o Defining Constructor
o Defining Techniques plus their kind
o Overload techniques plus constructor
* Defining property plus their kinds
* Object creating
* Invoke property plus techniques

Events plus Delegate

* Understand Delegates
* Kinds of delegates
o Easy delegates
o Delegate implementing unidentified technique
o Multi cast delegation
o Generic delegation
* Know tasks
* System defining tasks
* Events procedure cycle
* Event handlings
* User defining outcomes
* Create plus bind user events


* Inheritance hierarchy
* Implement Inheritance hierarchy
* Core fundamentals of constructor
* Way to overload, override plus hide fundamentals
* Abstracting plus sealed session
* Expose interface
* Interface polymorphism
* Playing with Name spaces
* Class Accessing Modifiers
* Partial Classes


* Array List, #Table plus Queue
* Stack Collection Interface
* Enumerable Interface
* Dictionary Entry plan
* Boxing Versus not Boxing


* Listing plus Dictionary
* Stack plus Queue
* Name Value Collection

File Operating

* The System I/O Name space
* Stream Reader plus Stream Write Sessions
* File plus Directory Object plus Path Object
* Read plus Write a File

Multi Threading

* Understanding multi threading procedure
* The System Threading name space
* The Thread plus Thread Start session
* Thread life cycle
* Thread Security Concepts
* Thread synchronization
* Understand Thread Pool
* Understand Position of Thread Background Employee Component

Forms plus Control

* Construct Windows Form Application
* Program Forms plus Controlling
* Designing Windows user Interface
* Construct M.D.I. Interface
* Implement M.D.I. Parent plus Child Forms
* Implement Menu Strip, Equipment Strip, Status, Rich Text box, Etc.
* Create Custom Controlling

Exception Dealing

* Preface of Exception plus there kind
* Constructed in Exception Trap exception with Try, Catch, Lastly
* Throwing Keyword
* Customizing Message Assignments
* Custom exemptionSerialize

* Knowing object serialization
* Serialize format
* Binary format
* Soap format
* X.M.L. serialize

Assembly in addition to progress

*Position of .net assembly
* Build plus devour a solitary file gathering
* Build plus devour a various file assembly
* Pvt. assembling
* Shared assembling
* Create various version of a solitary assembly
* Eradicating all hell trouble


* System Reflection name space
* Core reflection sessions
* Accessing assembly by means of reflection
* Technique information
* Associate information
* Property information
* Browse plus Query associates
* Invoke ways plus property plus runtime
* Reflection on shared assembling


* Preface of remote
* Remote structural designing plus situation
* Create .net remote object
* Host a remote object
* Activate kind
o Singleton
o Solitary call
* Create channels

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