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DLI Genetic Research and Development Center
In Hyderabad

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Important information

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  • Hyderabad
  • Duration:
    3 Months

Important information

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408, 4th , Floor, Windsor Plaza, Nallakunta, 50004, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Programme Detail:

Cell Biology & Genetics

1. Vesicular transports & protein traffics in cell
2. Various mechanism of signal transductions
3. Conceps in signal networks
4. Second messengers
5. G-protein coupled receptor, protein kinases, & calcium binding protein
6. Xlinked & auto somal disease, mitochondrial related disease,
7. Q.T.L. methods for diagnostic
8. Extra chromosomal inheritances
9. Immune responses, autoimmune disorder, E.L.I.S.A method
10. Molecular genetics & genetic disorder

Molecular Bio.

a. Genome organizations
b. Initiations elongation & terminations of transcriptions template & enzyme property, promoters & regulator sequence.
c. Regulation of translations
d. Post transcriptional modification
e. Method for studying gene expressions & regulatory sequence, large scale expression analysis, use of micro arrays Genetic informations transfers, detail of regulation in eukaryotes
f. Operon - positive & negative regulations
g. Process of R.N.A. & Protein - Transports & Stability
h. Organisation of eukaryotic genomes,
i. Method for studying variations & polymorphism at genome levels,
j. P.C.R., northern, southern, western blotting, R.F.L.P., finger printing, R.A.P.D.s, D.N.A. & protein sequence method
k. Epigenetics mechanism of inheritance regulatory R.N.A. molecule (R.N.A.; miRNA, siRNA), antisense R.N.A. and their application.


a. Enzyme kinetics, Line weaver-Burk plot, Competitive & non competitive inhibitions
b. Molecular mechanism of interaction of small & large molecule along with ions, regulations of protein pathway, mechanism of enzyme actions, ribozymes and abzyme
c. Isoenzyme, allosteric enzyme, regulations by covalent modifications
d. Carbohydrate metabolisms: Glycolysis, gluconeo genesis, glycol genolysis, glyco genesis, TCA cycle & oxidative phosphorylation
e. Pentose phosphate pathway; hormonal controls, ß-oxidation & bio synthesis of fatty acid
f. Transamination & deamination of amino acid, ketogenic & glycogenic amino acid, urea cycles
g. Purine & pyrimidine biosynthesis

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