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Duration 2 Months
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    2 Months

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B-108, Manubhai Tower, Opp. M.S University, Sayajigung, Gujarat, India
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Starts On request
B-108, Manubhai Tower, Opp. M.S University, Sayajigung, Gujarat, India
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Course programme

VB.NET is most popular languages among the two other languages for scripting .NET applications, and a reasonable option if delegates are familiar with VB6.
The main aims of VB.NET Program are:
• To completely bring into the light of candidates with the structural design of the .NET Frame-work, with the usage of the main sessions for structuring, debugging, and deploying Window application.
• To get attendants up to pace on the usage of the Visual-Studio.NET IDE, counting debugging and application deployment.
The main contents of the program are illustrated as follows:
Open and Run a Visual-Basic.NET Program
• The Visual-Studio .NET
• Development-Environment
• The Visual-Studio.NET Equipments
• The Window Form Designers
• Run a Visual-Basic Program
• The Property Window
• Get the Assistance
• Write the Initial Program
• Program Procedure
• Create the User-Interface Set-up of the Property
• Write the Codes
• Run the Visual-Basic.NET
• Application
• Build an Executable File
• Work with Menu and Dialog-Box
Visual-Basic.NET Variable and Operator
• The Structure of a Visual-Basic
• Program-Statement
• Use of Variables to Capture Information
• Set apart Spaces for Variable
• Use of Variables in a Curriculum
• Use of a Variable to capture input
• Use of a Variable for production
• Work with Specific-Data Kinds
• Constant
• Work with Visual-Basic
• Operator
• Operator-Precedence
Use of Decision-Structures
• Events-Driven Program
• Use of Conditional-Expressions
• If---Then Decision-Structures
• Use of Sensible Operators
• Conditional-Expressions
• Short Circuit by Use of And-Also and Or-Else
• Selecting Cases Decision-Structures
• Use of Comparison Operator with a Selection of Case-Structures
Use of Loop and Timer
• Write For...subsequent Loops
• Create Complex For---Subsequent Loop
• Write Doing Loop
• Avoid an End-less Loops
• The Timer-Control
Debug Visual-Basic.NET Program
• Find and Correct Mistakes
• Three-Types of Mistakes
• Identify Logical Mistakes
• Use Break-Mode
• Track Variable by Use of a Watch-Window
• Use of the Command-Window
• Switch to Command-Mode in the Command-Window
Trap Mistakes by use of Structured Mistake Handling
• Process Mistakes by use of Try---Catch
• Time for using Mistake-Handlers
• Path and Disk Drives Mistakes
• Use the Lastly Section to Perform
• Clean-up Task in a more multifaceted manner
• Try---Catch Mistake Handlers
• The Err Object
• Specify a Retry Phase
• Using Nested Try---Catch Blocks
• Compare Error Handler with Defensive Program Methods
By use of Module and Procedure
• Work with Standard-Modules
• Create a Standard-Module
• Work with Public-Variables
• Create Procedure
• Write Functions Procedure
• Write Sub-Procedures
• Pass Argument by Valuing and by References
Using Arrays and Collection to Manage-Data
• Work with Arrays of Variable
• Create an Array
• Declare a Final-Size Array
• Work with Array-Elements
• Create a Dynamic-Array
• Preserve Array Matters by Use of Re-Dim Preserves
• Work with Object-Collections
• Reference to an Object in a Collection
• Write For Each---Next Loop
• Experiment with Object in the Control Collections
Deploy Visual-Basic.NET Application
• Plan a Deployment
• Different Ways to Arrange an Application
• Create a Deployment-Project
• Customize Deployment Option
• Build a Deployment-Project and Testing-Setup
The duration of the program is 2.5-months with flexible timings and no batch system to be followed by the candidate while studying this program

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