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Degree in Animation & Multimedia- BVA (A & M)

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology - VIFT
In Bangalore

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Important information

  • Bachelor
  • Bangalore
  • Duration:
    4 Years
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Animation is a new media of communication developed for both entertainment and non entertainment application.
This Course offers knowledge in basic Animation principles, Cell animation, Digital animation which is fundamental to the course.
Animation is used widely in Animation film making which encompass both traditional and digital knowledge which is the core training area in this course.
Educational Animation is also widely popular today and used in medical application largely. Other wise from primary education to professional courses like engineering, defence, aeronautic and in many such areas animation is used instructional visualization which makes teaching more effective.
Animation program focus on all these areas and also cater to the industry demands and the future requirements.
Game design is also part of the Animation and there is a great demand for the Game designers. This course trains students in Game art design.

Important information

Where and when

Starts Location Timetable
01 June 2017
Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Football Stadium Complex, Diagonally Opp Garuda Mall, Off MG Road, 560025, Karnataka, India
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· Qualification

Eligibility : 10 + 2 / PUC / Equivalent.

· What marks this course apart?

This futuristic design field opens up many amazing career possibilities: Graphic Artist, Storyboard and Concept Artist, Digital Artist, Cartoonist, Animator, Character Designer, Design Consultant, Gaming Software Developer, Special Effects Consultant, Digital Post Production Engineer, Art Director, Instructor. Graduates are eligible to join TV & Film Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Education Software Developers, or pursue a career in Media and Journalism.

What you'll learn on the course

3D Major Elective II : Modelling & Texturing
Animation / VFX

Teachers and trainers (1)

Dr R.S.S Rao
Dr R.S.S Rao

Course programme


1. Launguage

2. Core Theory

3. Core Studio Course

3. Constitution of India and Human Rights

4. Workshop / Project / Journal writing


1. Language

2. Core Theory

3. Core Studio Course

4. Environment and Public Health

5. Workshop / Project / Journal writing


1. Language

2. Film Appreciation & Analysis Part I

3. Classical Animation and Digital Art I

4. Computer Applications and Information Technology

5. Core Elective

6. CC & EC – Workshop


1. Language

2. Camera & Film Editing

3. Classical Animation & Digital Art II

4. Core Elective

5. CC & EC – Workshop


1. Acting for Animation

2. Theory of Design

3. 3D Lab I

4. Preproduction I

5. Postproduction I

6. Core Elective


1. Art Appreciation

2. 3D Lab II

3. Preproduction II, Postproduction II

3. Lighting & Camera

3. 3D Animation and Rigging II

4. SDC Core Elective


1. Animation Studio Design & Management

2. 3D Major Elective II : Modelling & Texturing /Animation / VFX

3. Animation Research Project Part I Viva Project Report Show reel

3. Core Elective


1. Project Part II

2. Internship

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