Development of personal and professional profiles oriented to success in times of Crisis.

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  • Online
  • Duration:
    1 Month

Make a diagnosis of your current situation. Make a proper planning of your future career and personal. Assimilate the techniques success-oriented planning. Develop practical techniques that allow you to achieve success.
Suitable for: Executives. Commercial. Administrative. Operators. Groups at risk of exclusion.

Important information

Course programme


1. The current situation

2. Profiles necessary for success

3. Overcoming the crisis

4. XXI century society

How to achieve goals and objectives

1. Introduction

2. Purpose of setting goals

3. Why set goals?

4. What is a goal?

5. Who sets the goals and how they remember?

6. How are the goals?

7. Achieving goals

Oriental management techniques successfully applied.

1. Japanese techniques successfully applied to occident.

1.1. Zen successfully applied to occident

1.2. Bushido successfully applied to occident

1.3. Practical applications for a global world.

2. Chinese techniques successfully applied to occident

2.1. The Tao successfully applied to occident

2.2. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

2.3. Practical applications for a global world

Achievements for this centre

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