Digital Security Prog. In .NET Course

KICIT Pvt Ltd / KSET Pvt Ltd
In Nagpur

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Important information

  • Course
  • Nagpur
  • Duration:
    1 Day

Important information

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44A Hill Road Gokulpeth, 440010, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Security is a elementary concern, we offer the design of applications in today's interconnected world. Many application programmers are overly engrossed with the application design and implementation of security often takes a back seat. It has significant repurcussions, particularly for production industries. This training program presents you how to design safe .NET from the areas above. The training progrm include with . NET 3.5 Framework and has been modified to work with Visual C # 2008 Express or professional.

Course Content
In this training program candidates will learn about following topics:

* Security in the digital age
* Understand Data representation
* Understand Character encoding
* Data representation not
* Learn Data Integrity
* MD5 Checksum
* MD5 for remote files - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
* MD5 for remote files - File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
* MD5 password storage
* Password and Salt
* Cryptography Schemes
* Incorporation, digraph & homophonic ciphers
* Move encrypted
* Substitution cipher
* Symmetric encryption
* RC2 Algorithm
* Understand DES (digital encryption standard) algorithm
* Triple Digital Encryption Standard Algorithm
* Demonstration of the Triple Digital Encryption Standard Algorithm algorithm
* Rijndael Algorithm
* Demonstration of the Rijndael algorithm
* Asymmetric encryption
* Demonstration of RSA
* Hybrid Cryptography
* Demonstration of hybrid cryptography
* Peer to peer
* Digital Certificates
* XML Certificates
* In Windows World Certificate
* XML Signature
* Introduction to Steganography
* Fundamentals of Steganography
* Demonstration of Steganography
* Steganography Color
* Font steganography
* Font steganography extraction
* Picture Steganography
* Picture Steganography Demo
* Steganography - Payload Extraction
* Understand Encryption & steganography.

Achievements for this centre

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