Diploma in Biological Cloning

Bharathiar University
In Coimbatore

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Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 641046., Tamil Nadu, India
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Starts On request
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 641046., Tamil Nadu, India
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Course programme

Plasmids (pUC 18 and Ti plasmids), Bacteriophages (l phage), Plasmids, Cosmids (pJB8),
SV40, retrovirus and Artificial Chromosomes (BAC, YAC).
Strategies in gene cloning: restriction, ligase, insertion into vector, cloning, transformation
into host cell, Enzymology of Recombinant DNA.
Screening for recombinant (Insertional inactivation, Colony/in situ hybridization,
radioactive antibody test, Xgal, complementation and physical methods)
07BIDT2 Diploma Paper - II: Methods of gene transfer and genome sequencing
CaPO4 mediated gene transfer, liposomes, electroporation, electro fusion, micro-injection,
particle bombardment.
DNA sequencing (Sanger and Coulson method; Maxam and Gilbert method and
Automated method) - Chromosomal walking, transposons, construction of genomic and
cDNA libraries; molecular markers- RAPD, RFLP.
07BIDT3 Diploma Paper -III : Applications of rDNA technology
Transgenic plants - high yielding, salt, draught, herbicide, disease resistant.
Transgenic animals - for improved livestock production.
rDNA in medicine: Vaccines, enzymes, blood factors, interferon, gene therapy,
DNA fingerprinting and its applications in forensic sciences.
Diploma Practical I
1. Pure culture techniques
2. Preparing competent culture
3. Agarose gel electrophoresis
5. Blotting techniques
6. PCR
07BIDP2 Diploma Practical II - rDNA Technology
1. Microbial genomic DNA isolation
2. Microbial plasmid isolation
3. Plant genomic DNA isolation
4. Animal genomic DNA isolation
5. Restriction mapping with Lamda DNA
6. Ligation

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