Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology in Ocular Pharmacology

In Mumbai

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Important information

  • Diploma
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    3 Years

Important information

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PREMLILA VITHALDAS POLYTECHNIC Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West),, 400049, Maharashtra, India
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· Requirements

S.S.C./I.C.S.E./C.B.S.E. ( Minimum 50% marks)

Course programme

Topics and details

General pharmacology - Definition, The nature and
sources of drugs, Routes of drug administration,
Types of parental routes, Absorption and
bioavailability of a drug, Factors affecting drug
absorption and it's bioavailability, Distribution of a
drug, Fate of the drug, Drug excretion, Methods of
prolonging the duration of action of a drug, Site of
drug action, Drug receptors, Mechanism of action
of a drug, adverse drug reactions, Drug toxicity,
Factors modifying the effect of a drug,

Analgesics-antipyretic and NSAIDS - Analgesics,
Opioid Analgesics, Non- Opioid Analgesics. NSAIDS,
Classification of NSAIDS

Antihistaminic drugs
Histamine, H receptor antagonists, Antihistamine or
anti allergic- Pharmacological actions, Absorption,
Fate and Excretion, Adverse reaction, Therapeutic
uses, Common Antihistamines

Anesthesia - General anesthetics- Classification,
Site and Mechanism of action, Pre-anesthetic
medication Local anesthetics- mechanism of action,
adverse reactions, Therapeutic uses

Chemotherapeutic agents - Sulfonamides,
Antibiotic - Antibiotics effective mainly against
Gram- positive organism, Gram-negative organism,
Therapeutic uses. Antibiotics effective mainly
against Gram positive organism & Gram
negative organism, Antibiotics effective mainly
against, Gram positive organism, Gram negative
organism, Rickettsiae and Chlamydia, Antibiotics
effective against acid -fast bacilli, Antibiotics
effective against fungi,
Antiseptics - Sterilization, Disinfections, Antiseptic,
Classification, Requirement of an ideal antiseptic
and disinfectant

Drugs used in endocrine disorders - Pituitary gland
- Growth hormone, Somatostatin, Antidiuretic
hormone, Thyroid - Thyroid Hormone, Anti- Thyroid
drugs, Parathormone, Calcitonin, Pancreas -
Insulin, Glucagons, Diazoxide, oral Anti- Diabetic
Agents, Adrenal cortex steroids -ACTH, Hormones
of Adrenal cortex, Male & Female sex hormones,
Steroids in ophthalmic disorders- mode of
administration, adverse reactions, Therapeutic uses

Vitamins - Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin
K, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, B5, B6, B12& Vitamin CSources,
Absorption, Fate and Excretion, Adverse
reactions, Therapeutic uses

Topical Medication in Ophthalmology - Factors for
Preparing of an ophthalmic solution, Precaution,
Advantages of a solution, Disadvantages of a
solution, Ophthalmic Ointment -Advantage &
Disadvantages, Routs of Drug administration in
ophthalmic conditions

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Drugs (Mitotic,
Mydriatic and Cycloplegic) - Physiology,
Neurohumoral transmitters, Action on eye, Nor
adrenaline and dopamine, Action on eye
Miotics -Types, Direct acting and indirect acting
Miotics,Drugs- mechanism of action, adverse
reaction, Therapeutic uses, Preparation
Cycloplegics - Drugs- mechanism of action,
Therapeutic uses, Preparation
Mydriatic - Classification, Drugs- mechanism of
action, adverse reaction, Therapeutic uses,
Preparation, combination of Mydriatic agents,
general indications for use of Mydriatic agents,
Contraindications,Drugs used in the treatment of Glaucoma - Local,

Drugs in relation to Aqueous Humour - The
aqueous humour & IOP, Ocular Hypotensives -
Local, Systemic Drugs- Mechanism of action,
Absorption, Fate and Excretion, Adverse reactions,
Preparation & Dosage, Therapeutic uses.

Drug -Toxicity in relation to ocular Functions -
General considerations, Pre-treatment examination,
Repeat eye examinations, Ocular manifestation of
Drug toxicity

Additional information

Work placements: Provides Internships

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