Diploma in Veterinary and Animal Science

In Ramgarh

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Important information

  • Diploma
  • Ramgarh

Important information

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Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM), 331401, Rajasthan, India
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Course programme

Diploma in Veterinary and Animal Science

course content:

Introductory Anatomy
• Cell structure , Tissue Structure
• Study of bones- Glossary of osteology, Classification, work and identification of various bones of the body of cow, horse, dog, sheep, pig, and poultry and comparison thereof
• Study of joints and hinges of the body
• Study of muscles and tendons of leg and neck.
• Study of skin and others e.g. epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, sweat glands of skin, horn, claws, chest nut etc.
• Digestive system – mouth, tonsils, pharynx, esophagus , ruminant and non ruminant stomach , small intestine, large intestine, associated organs and digestive gland for digestion .
• Respiratory system – nostril, nasal cavity , sinus, pharynx , larynx, trachea, lungs, thorax, pleura.
• Circulatory system – heart, blood arteries, veins, portal circulation , foetal circulation, lymphatic system.
• Excretion system – Structure of kidney, ureter, bladder , urethera, Structure of nephrons, micuration etc.
• Female genital system – Ovary , Uterine tube, Uterus, vagina , vulvas, blood arteries and nerves related to genital system.
• Male genital system – testis, scrotum, epididimus, ductus deferens, penis, muscles, blood arteries, nerves related to genital system, accessory sex glands.
• Structure of udder.
Introductory Physiology and Biochemistry
Introductory Animal Management and Health ScienceAnimal Husbandry Extension , Developmental Programmes Swine Husbandry and Poultry
Introductory Animal Breeding and Genetics
Introductory Veterinary pharmacology
Veterinary Medicine

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