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Professional Public Relations specialist.

...A career in PR is a dynamic career in a world that never sleeps. Whether your work for an agency or on your own, you will discover a career that gives you the chance to meet people you would never have expected and do different things every day. EventTrix gives you the theoretical and practical... Learn about: PR Strategy, Public Relations, Media Release...

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  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Distance learning
  • 1 Year

...domestic and global competitive market! We like to mention ourselves as an educational sanctuary cultivating budding professionals for the real corporate world... Learn about: PR Firms, PR Advertising, PR Communications...

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  • Training
  • Distance learning
  • 1 Day

...Also included in the course is Corporate Public Relations... Learn about: PR Media, PR Communications, Event PR...

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P.G Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations - Distance learning Course
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Distance learning

...Other Miscellaneous Media. Advantages and Disadvantages of various Media. Characteristics of Media. Emerging Media, Sponsored Programmes, Road... Learn about: PR Careers, PR Strategy, PR Marketing...

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  • Master
  • Distance learning

...In order to succeed in this evolving environment, managers should possess a very solid conceptual framework of management which can be applied to multiple situations... Learn about: PR Communications, PR Careers, PR Strategy...

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  • Post Graduate Diploma
  • Distance learning
  • 1 Day

...South Calcutta Girls' College takes pride in being the first college for women in south Kolkata. It was established in 1932 by eminent scholars and educationists... Learn about: PR Strategy, Advertising Public Relations, PR Advertising...

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