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    1 Day

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S.N Pasalkar Udyog Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Opp Sinchan Bhawan , Barne Road, 409 B Mangalwar Peth, 411011, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Get trained in DSP Programming which is the foundation of many area of technology, from mobile phone to modem & multimedia PC. DSP device account for an imporatnt proportion of global semi-conductor making. DSP is conventionally a very much mathematcs related paper, and the standard D.S.P text book has a lot of mathematics exposition. This D.S.P program will make sure that a person gets a deep understanding of the topic. Though many people are interested in simple description to the fundamental concepts & methods of D.S.P, but this D.S.P classes are taught in this D.S.P program gives an detail training about DSP programming.
Training on TI320C54x DSP Processor
Training of C language programming
Training of any processor architecture
TI320C54x & DSP training

Description of DSP & DSP processors
: Distinction between micro-processors & DSP
: Growth of D.S.P
: D.S.P processor proper for the process of signaling
: Slide depicting the fundamental signals & systems, transforms, convolution, correlation, and digital filters
: Configuring Driver
: Use of Mat lab & some functions
1. C54x architecture and asm programming
: Description to DSP processors
: Description to TI processors
: Architecture of c54x (memory, buses, multiplier, barrel shifter, alu)
: Pipeline concept
: Introduction to peripherals
: programming of asm ( logical, arithmetic, multiple, program control & other instructions)
1. Description to CCS tool and asm programming (theory lab demo lecture)
: Description to CCS
: Using CCS for C and asm programming
: Using mixed C and asm.
: Description to CMD file.
: Writing CMD file.
: Description to optimizing compiler of CCS.
1. 4 ) ASM programming of C54X
: Description to asm programming
: Simple function to show the arithmetic, logical & multiplication
: Convolution & Correlation
1. Advanced topics
: Description of DSPBIOS
: RTOS concept
: Optimization methods

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