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Important information


Important information

Where and when

Starts Location
On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
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On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

An extremely popular multimedia authoring and playback system from Adobe. Flash formats are used for most of the animated ads and video clips on today's Web sites. Flash Lite is a version for mobile phones.
Created in authoring applications, such as Flash MX and Flash Professional, Flash "movies" in the .SWF file format are played back in Adobe's Flash Player within the Web browser or from a stand-alone application that accesses the Player.
Flash animations became very popular because they support vector images, which are very space efficient for illustrations on the Web. They also scale up and down with accurate detail when the window is resize

Salient Features

~ Create high-performance, real-time effects for cinematic experiences that quickly engage users.
~ Take advantage of a new, flexible text engine that brings print-quality publishing to the web
~ Add real-time dynamic effects with built-in filters for blur, drop shadow, glow, bevel, gradient glow, gradient bevel, displacement map, convolution, and color matrix
~ Deliver web applications with accurate color, so your favorite web destinations look the way they were intended
~ Bring your designs to life with animation and compositing capabilities, such as support for alpha channels, masking, and layering. Create stunning motion graphics integrated with images and video.


Flash is Primarily an animation tool for the Web.
You can also create Corporate presentations and 2D Animations.

Flash Topices Covered

1) How to start the Flash Program

2) Interface of Flash environment
~ Stage

3) Toolbar options
~ Arrow, pencil, brush, eraser tool
Magnifier, text tool, ink bottle
Paintbucket, eyedropper & lasso tool
4) Modify - Document

5) Working with text - edit, break apart

6) Transform options

7) Animation techniques
~ Using timelines and layers
Difference between frames, blank keyframes, keyframes, etc.
8) Shape tweening of objects and texts

9) Working with symbols
~ Creating graphic symbols
simple motion tweening
use of guide layers for motion tweening
tweening properties like rotation, orient to path, loop and other
instance, properties
Creating button symbols
edit the button symbol to give different effects for rollovers and clicks
assigning actions like start, stop, etc.
10) Library Window and color mixer window.

11) Grouping of elements

12) Importing and working with Bitmaps

13) Simple animation using Motion tweening - (Creating Graphic Symbols)
~ From One Point to another
Rotation Property
Scalling , Color Style Properties
Learn to -
~ Create Animations using two or more than two layers.
Transform options i.e Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Rotate, etc.
Color Styles i.e Alpha.
Copy Frames and Paste Frames" option from the Edit Menu.

14) Animation using Shape tweening
~ Layer Properties
Motion along a path using guide layer

15) Image Slicing
~ Naming Slices & Inserting Slices
Layer Masking
Frame by frame animation
Editing animations, delating frames ,inserting frames
16) Library & library Properties

17) Creating animations for showing special effects

18) Blast effect
Ripples effect

19) Creating Movie-Clip symbols
~ Converting an existing animation into a movie-clip
Placing movie-clips inside the button symbol
Placing movie-clips inside the graphic symbol
20) Cell animation

21) Writing Text

22) Creating interactive movies/CD presentations using the above animation techniques

23) Adding sounds to a movie/presentation, importing and editing sounds

24) Creating websites or home-pages of any website
~ Optimizing movies & exporting movies for the web
Exporting files

Achievements for this centre

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