Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

The University of Melbourne
In Melbourne (Australia)

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  • Postgraduate
  • Melbourne (Australia)
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Entry requirements & Prerequisites This major is available through more than one course, both of which have their own separate entry requirements. You can read more on the the Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Science Extended pages.
Available through the Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Science Extended

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Parkville Street, VIC 3010, Victoria, Australia
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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology seeks to answer such questions and its applications make significant contributions to society.

Delve into the many intriguing problems in evolution, ecology and biodiversity. The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major integrates knowledge from a range of exciting and interesting disciplines, from genetics (through organismal biology) to ecosystem science. You will develop skills in the survey, experimentation and modelling of ecological and evolutionary processes, and discover how evolutionary ecology can be applied to solve current problems in evolution, ecology and biodiversity.

You can choose to specialise in Ecology, Conservation Ecology, or Evolution and Biodiversity.


You could choose to pursue a career or research in the areas of:

  • Ecology
  • Conservation biology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Systematics and biodiversity
  • Environmental consulting.