8 specialisations for educational research

Official Master with 8 specialisations

Educational research

UAB - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Màsters Oficials
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Important information

  • Master
  • Duration:
    1 Year

Official Master's Degree in the Faculty of Education Sciences of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, held at the Bellaterra Campus (Barcelona) from Monday to Friday in the evening (17 to 21 h.). Oriented to research, it prepares education professionals capable of initiating innovation processes in the educational field: public administrations, schools and educational publishers.

The official Master's degree on Education prepares research experts with knowledge of the academic curriculum and innovation in education, organizational change and research on issues of inequality, educational and didactic action: language, social sciences, mathematics and science. It is mainly aimed at university graduates in education, psychology and social education, which can choose one of 3 specialties ("Curriculum and innovation processes in education", "Development and management of organizations for change" and "Inequalities , research and educational activities") and college graduates in primary education, which can choos one of 5 specialties ("Teaching Social science", "Teaching Language and Literature", "Art, body and movement", "Science" and "Mathematics"). All graduates of the social branch and other academic branches can access any specialty pursuing additional training if applicable.

It's an official postgraduate programme with 8 specialties that share 21 ECTS credits for core subjects, 15 credits reserved to master's thesis, 22 modules of 6 credits corresponding to the chosen specialty and 3 optional modules of 6 credits.

Important information

Requirements: European bachelor's degree or accredited equivalent. For the specialisations "Curriculum and Processes in Educational Innovation", "Organisational Development and Change Management" and "Educational Inequality, Research and Action" a degree in pedagogy, social education or psychopedagogy is preferred. For the rest of the specialisations, a degree in Primary Ed., Childhood Ed., Physical Ed., and Special Ed., although you may apply to any programme with complementary studies. Others with degrees in social sciences or humanities have access with complementary training.

Nationally recognised qualification: Official university Master - Ministry of Education


Where and when

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What you'll learn on the course

Curriculum and Processes in Educational Innovation
Organisational Development and Change Management
Educational Inequality, Research and Action
Didactics in Language and Literature
Didactics in Social Sciences
Art, Body and Movement
Scientific Education
Maths Education

Course programme

The Master has 8 specialisations:
  • E1 – Curriculum and Processes in Educational Innovation
  • E2 - Organisational Development and Change Management
  • E3 - Educational Inequality,  Research  and Action
  • E4 - Didactics of Language and Literature
  • E5 - Didactics of Social Sciences
  • E6 - Art, Body and Movement
  • E7 -  Scientific Education
  • E8 -  Maths Education

Additional information

The price of the Master for non-residents from countries outside the European Union is € 7131.