Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

i3indya Technologies
In New Delhi

Rs 10,000
VAT not incl.
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Important information

  • Training
  • New delhi
  • 60 hours of class

This program offered by this institute to extend consciousness of the general hack assaults & newest hack methodology. To set up an experts who can examination the network for the loophole & can offer safety to it.
Suitable for: This program is for those students who want to acquire professional bachelor program ,as a Network Enggs, Web-Developer, Software-Developer.

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New Delhi
Delhi, India
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Course programme

This program covers the topic related to Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security. The subjects covered are as follows:

** Training curriculum:

Ethical Hack & Cyber Security



** Fundamentals of Ethical Hack

** Info. Gather

- Footprint
-Networks Enumeration

** Google DB hack

* Physically
* Automatics

** Operates System Hack & Security

-Windows includding X.P., Vista & Win- 7
-Linux covering Ubuntu, Fedora extra

** Hacking By Trojans and Backdoors
** Sniffer & Key loggers , Spywares
** Analysis Virus, Worm & Spyware Etc
** Hacking Email Accounts

-E-mail Spoof
-Fake Mail
-Publishing, Desktop Publishing
-Tab nab

** Data Hiding Methodologies


** Hide Individuality

- M.A.C.
- I.P.

** Proxy Server & Virtual Private Network
** Tech.
** Hack By USB & Live Devices
** Denial-of-Service Attack
** Honey Pot


** Social Engg
** Mobile Hack
** Credit Card Frauds & Case
** Website & DB Hack Attacks

-Intro of Website & DB
-Assault On Website & Web App.
-S.Q.L. Injection assault
-Authentic Bypass
-Hack By S.Q.L. Query
-DB Hack Use O.D.B.C. mistake
-Rescue Data From Website
-Update, Removal, Insertion of Data into DB of Website
-S.Q.L. Injection in M.Y.S.Q.L. DB
-Attack beside S.Q.L. Server
-Blind S.Q.L. Injection
-Maintain Access On Website by Hack
-Upload Shell, Virus & Trojan On Website
-XSS attack
** Session Hijack
** LFI & RFI Attacks
**Counter Measure

** Penetration Test & Vulnerability Examination

-Define Security Examination
-Outline of Penetration Test Methodology
-Penetration Testing Steps
-Synopsis of the Pen Test Legal Framework
-Listed the Automate Penetration Test instruments
-Find Vulnerability
-Susceptibility Analysis
-Counter evaluation

** Wi-Fi Hack & Counter Measure

- Intro of Wireless Network
-Wireless Protocol & Standard
-Wireless Router Running
-Attack on Wireless Router
-Intro of W.E.P. & W.P.A.
-Crack W.E.P. & W.P.A. Password
-Secure Router & Wi-Fi Networks from Intruder
-Counter Measures

** Cyber Forensic Examination

* Intro to Cyber Forensic Examination,
* Examination Instruments
* Proof Assortment
* Proof Conservation
* E-Mail examination & Track
* I.P. Track
* Log File Trace
* E-Mail Recover,
* Recover Delete proofs
* Counter Measure

This program focuses on education not on hacking technology.

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