Executive MBA in Healthcare Management

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This is an energizing phase to make a career in healthcare management. Medicinal services are a standout amongst the most quickly developing segments in the commercial center, driven by demographic patterns and therapeutic and innovative leaps forward. The Indian human services industry, which contains clinics, therapeutic framework, medicinal gadgets, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, health insurance and medical equipment, is relied upon to reach US$ 160 billion by 2017.

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What are the course objectives?

The primary objective of this course is to give administration instruction to the medicinal and other faculty working in the field of healthcare management industry. It intends to furnish administrators who are concerned with healthcare organization to redesign their insight about administration. It helps executives concerned with health administration to update their knowledge about management and helps develop relevant skills and attitudes in the day to day running of the hospital. Moreover, it helps in enhancing the decision making skills and administrative competence of the executives.

Is this course for me?

Once the students are done with this program, they get a lot of open doors in the path of their career in front of them. They can land up to various roles in their career such as:
Hospital CEO
Hospital Administrator
Hospital CFO
Pharmaceutical Product Manager
Health Informatics Manager

Requirements: Any graduation


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Medical training
IT Management

Course programme

MODULE 1 (Principles of Management) you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Understanding a Healthcare Organization, 2.Marketing Healthcare Services, 3.CRM in Healthcare, 4.Business Communication, in MODULE 2 (Operations Management & Accounting) you can find 3 subjects which is 1.Healthcare Operations Management, 2.Accounting and financial management in Healthcare, 3.Planning for Healthcare Service Delivery, in MODULE 3 (Information Technology & Quality) you can find 5 subjects which is 1.Information Technology in Healthcare, 2.Quality Management in Healthcare, 3.Healthcare Laws & Medical Ethics, 4.Medical Audit & Medical Coding, 5.e-Health and m-Health and in MODULE 4 (Strategic Mgmt. & Quantitative Techniques) you can find 4 subjects which is 1.Strategic Management, 2.Risk and Disaster Management, 3.Quantitative Techniques in Management, 4.Logistics in Healthcare.

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You can also pay in 3 installment 1st is Rs.40000 ($1250), 2nd is 30000 ($1250), and 3rd is Rs.30000